Saturday 29 March 2008

The 'Autumn' of Discontent

Fallen Leaves Rotting

Like the falling of leaves in autumn, BN component party members seem to be wanting to drop out from their political parties.

However, this seems to be a case of too many potential defectors falling out too quickly and too soon?

A report in China Press yesterday (28 March 2008) stated that, Selangor Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) is "troubled" and "concerned" by the huge number of Barisan Nasional (BN) component parties' members applying to join the party.

The report goes on to say that not only are the "defectors" abandoning ship, they are also bringing along "other recruits", prompting PKR division leaders to be on their guard, since they are understandably worried that they might be embarking trouble since the early mass defections may turn out to be less advantageous than it may first appear.

Some of the defectors could even perhaps be troublemakers, fifth columnists, or double agents!

BN is a sinking ship, so it is not unusual that the rats will be deserting it en-mass.

The BN is sinking, let's quickly abandon ship!

Sources have said that in the two weeks since the general election, which was held on 8 March 2008, some PKR divisions have given out more than 2,000 membership application forms each, and most of these application forms have been completed and returned to the respective divisions.

The sources also pointed out that amongst those crossing over to the party are previous and current branch and divisional leaders from BN component parties (UMNO, MCA, Gerakan and MIC, etc.).

These BN component party grass-root leaders are apparently bringing along with them many of their followers and supporters, raising the concern of some PKR division leaders who are worried that the defectors may eventually pose a possible threat to the PKR in general and the divisions concerned in particular.

Festina lente PKR
Hasten slowly PKR

Friday 28 March 2008

The Word from "Little Bird"

Verbatim what 'Little Bird' said:

(Emphasis is mine)

Friday, 28 March 2008

Najib Suffers Serious Diarrhoea

By Little Bird

Yesterday Najib Razak suffered serious diarrhoea at the UMNO Supreme Council meeting. You can see Najib's obvious discomfort in this picture : HERE

Najib suffered the bad stomach from eating too much dead crow (burung gagak) at yesterday's Supreme Council meeting, and also from listening to the monkey sitting beside him.

First Idiot made the grand announcement that now they were fully behind the new Menteri Besar of Terengganu. This is really eating crow. Now 22 more State Assemblymen in Terengganu have reason to vote Idiot out of office at the next UMNO Assembly.

Just a few days ago Idiot had forced the 22 Assemblymen to sign letters pledging their undying support (till their death) to Idris Jusoh.

Now in a dramatic, takdak teloq about turn Idiot has flip flopped again. Here is the strange report from The Star:

"Barisan Nasional has decided to fully support Kijal assemblyman Datuk Ahmad Said as the new Terengganu Mentri Besar instead of its earlier choice Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh. Barisan chairman Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi made the announcement after chairing the Umno supreme council meeting at the PWTC yesterday."

But wait a minute. It was an UMNO Supreme Council meeting, but Idiot says "Barisan Nasional has decided". How can that be?

Was MCA consulted, was MIC consulted, was Gerakan consulted? Since when does the UMNO Supreme Council ever consult the bootlickers in MIC, MCA and Gerakan about appointing Menteri besar?

Idiot is passing off his bungle to Barisan Nasional. Banyak cantik.

He is assuming that the MCA, MIC and Gerakan bootlickers will continue licking his boots. (He may be correct on this one).

Does anyone recall a fellow by the name of Rosol Wahid?

He was Idris Jusoh's No. 1 choir boy trying to gatecrash the Sultan's palace in Terengganu last week.

Well since he has lost his nuts, Rosol will now be singing at an even higher pitch trying to get back into the State Exco. Vying for a spot in the Exco will also be Idris Jusoh who has just lost both his nuts as well.

Politic Melayu senang saja - throw them some money and they will do anything for you.

And Idiot says he is ready for any challenge. Folks lets all help him out on this one. Lets just kick out Idiot.

The sooner the better. Idiot has bought some time till December to have the UMNO Assembly. That is too late. Idiot has to be kicked out now.

UMNO watchdog is having a seminar, moving a motion to kick out Idiot on Tuesday, April 1st. 2008 at 9 am - 12.30 pm at Hotel Singgahsana, Petaling Jaya. About 5,000 people are expected to attend.

Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah is having an open air party at Gua Musang on Friday 4th April 2008 at Gua Musang in Kelantan. Over 10,000 people are expected to attend. The agenda is the same : to kick out Idiot.

Dr Bakri Musa has said that you would have to hit Idiot on the head with a piece of wood (metaphorically) to make him realise that he is not wanted anymore. A metaphor can be passe.

Without the Perkida gangsters and the Mat Rempit drug addicts, it looks like the UMNO boys have really lost their guts.

Perhaps it is time for the UMNO boys to ask Uthayakumar or Waythamoorthy for some steroids from Hindraf.

No one will forget the Hindraf boys standing dead square to face the Police water cannons and the tear gas.

They kicked Samy Value out. But the UMNO braders do not even have the guts (or the nuts) to kick out a confirmed good for nothing thief, liar and Idiot."

Conscientia mille testes

-Conscience is as good as a thousand witnesses


Read all about it in the Malaysian mainstream media!

Re the Terengganu state MB tussle:

“What you should know is that a decision has been made in the interest of the people of Terengganu." Abdullah said.

To a question on why there was no compromise for a third person to be Mentri Besar, Abdullah said the details were not for the press to know.

On whether the decision to accept Ahmad instead of Idris was a “loss of face” for the Prime Minister, Abdullah replied: “It’s not a question of losing face because what is more important was that the matter has been resolved. "

Re one of the three recently resigned deputy ministers:

Datuk Ghapur Salleh has quashed speculations that he will jump ship after quitting his post as deputy natural resources and environment minister.

Re not so smart SMART Tunnel long closure:

"Our standard procedure is to evacuate the motorway when the water level in the tunnel reaches 150 cubic metres per second,"
he said, adding that the water had risen to that level at 5.05pm on Saturday.

blah, blah, blah, blah, ad nauseam.

Sifting the truth from the misinformation, propaganda, lies, double speak and spin needs careful dissection and reading between the lines, or as is more often the case, the rumour mill churns out alternative tales and speculation will be rife.

This creates unease, uncertainty and public displeasure.

The rumours and speculation however invariably turn out to be the truer version of current events!

So why waste your time listening to the TV and radio news, or wasting your hard earned money buying the BN controlled newspapers?

Get your information from your local coffee shop, taxi drivers or market stall holders, these are currently the only real news source for those who do not have access to the Internet.


Watch and read the local mainstream media for your daily dose of the only news which BN wants you to hear!

Cras credemus, hodie nihil

-Tomorrow we believe, but not today

Bertrand Russell: a few quotes from this great thinker..

Bertrand Arthur William Russell (b.1872 -d.1970).
A pacifist British philosopher, historian, logician, and mathematician.
An advocate of social reform.

'Fear is the main source of superstition, and one of the main sources of cruelty.
To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom.'

'The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.'

'Religions, which condemn the pleasures of sense, drive men to seek the pleasures of power.
Throughout history power has been the vice of the ascetic.'

'A stupid man's report of what a clever man says can never be accurate, because he unconsciously translates what he hears into something he can understand.'

BERTRAND RUSSELL, A History of Western Philosophy

'The most savage controversies are about those matters as to which there is no good evidence either way.'

BERTRAND RUSSELL, An Outline of Intellectual Rubbish

'The habit of looking to the future and thinking that the whole meaning of the present lies in what it will bring forth is a pernicious one.
There can be no value in the whole unless there is value in the parts.'

BERTRAND RUSSELL, Conquest of Happiness

'No nation was ever so virtuous as each believes itself, and none was ever so wicked as each believes the other.'

BERTRAND RUSSELL, Justice in War-Time

'As soon as we abandon our own reason, and are content to rely upon authority, there is no end to our troubles.'

BERTRAND RUSSELL, An Outline of Intellectual Rubbish

His logic is sincere, down to earth and logical; no superficial nonsense for him.

We could all learn from his great wisdom, humility and humanity.

Bertrand Russell's words are food for deep thought and inward looking reflection, don't you think?

Candor dat viribus alas
-Sincerity gives wings to strength

Thursday 27 March 2008

The King Rules


PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi at long last stated on Thursday afternoon (27 March 2008) that Barisan Nasional ( = UMNO) expressed its support for the appointment of Kijal assemblyman Ahmad Said as Terengganu Mentri Besar.

On Wednesday morning Abdullah had had an audience with HM The King HRH Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin regarding the issue of the MB of Terengganu, Abdullah had chosen Idris Josoh as MB, however the Terengganu Regency Advisory Council had selected Ahmad Said.

The King Rules, Long Live The King!

Quo vadis Abdullah?

- Whither goest thou Abdullah?


Malaysia Oh Malaysia!

Evidence that the teaching profession in Malaysia is totally politicised and that teachers are BN Political Stooges

Under the headline, the Star reported HERE:

& see NST HERE

Not compulsory for teachers to attend Penang state functions

PENANG: No action will be taken against teachers who do not attend official functions organised by the new State Government.

National Union of the Teaching Profession (NUTP) Penang branch Lim Ming Tzong @ Adam Alim Abdullah said teachers in Penang no longer needed to give explanation letters for failing to attend such functions.

“A senior state Education Department official told school heads at a briefing last week that attendance was not compulsory,” he said yesterday.

He added that the teachers were granted the “flexibility” since Penang was no longer under the Barisan Nasional rule.

In a related development, it is learnt that school heads who wished to invite MPs or state assemblymen for their school functions were told to obtain consent from the department.

When contacted, Deputy Chief Minister II Dr P. Ramasamy, who heads the education portfolio, said: “It's sad to hear that the department has come out with such a directive. This shows the department does not respect the mandate of the people,” he added.

“We are here simply because we won in the general election. And we are keen to work with the federal government to solve education issues,” he said.

Penang Education Department deputy director Ibrahim Mohamad could not be reached for comment.”

So it has come out into the open, teachers are political stool pigeons of BN / UMNO, teaching could be regarded just their secondary job.

They must thus far have spent most of their time attending endless political functions and not sufficient time teaching!

The standard of education in Malaysia from Primary 1 right through to higher education is nothing to be proud of.

Hishammuddin, the keris wielding loud mouthed long serving minister of education needs to take his finger out, and make sure that real education and not political education is the goal of his ministry.

Khaled Nordin, the minister of higher education also should get his act together to enact radical changes to ensure that universities live up that name, at present they are just glorified and totally oppressive secondary schools.

Now on to the Municipal Councils in general and KL City Hall in particular


Here are some extracts of what has been reported in the Malaysian mainstream media lately:

Don’t blame KL City Hal (Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur for Barisan Nasional's losses in Kuala Lumpur, mayor Datuk Ab Hakim Borhan is reported to have said.

He was responding to comments by Barisan’s Datuk Dr Lee Chong Meng, who contested and lost in the race for the Bukit Bintang seat in the recent general election.

Lee reportedly had said that the Kuala Lumpur electorate had voted against the ruling party because they were unhappy with the manner in which City Hall had handled issues.

“It would be very difficult to say that it (City Hall's manner) is the only reason for the defeat; the party has to analyse what had happened,” Hakim said, “We were only doing our job.”

He said City Hall was not planning any new projects or revamps in response to the election results, but would continue with its original plans for 2008.

Lee had attributed Barisan's failure in Kuala Lumpur to City Hall's unfriendly measures, citing the steep hike in traffic fines, harsh enforcement during the campaigning period and double standards imposed on the different parties.

He said strict enforcement of regulations against hawkers and motorists also fuelled their frustration at the government and stirred up anti-establishment feelings.

“It was not the right time for action like that. We became the scapegoats,” he added.

Lee also complained City Hall KL had practiced double standards –

It had disallowed BN to put up bunting on major roads but had not ordered the Opposition to remove theirs for fear that they would “hold press conferences”.

The photographs below are of massive vulgar ostentatious images of the ‘great mis-leaders’ PM Abdullah and DPM Najib which are still been shown in lights on the façade of the KL City Hall Tower in Jalan Raja Laut KL, are the people supposed to bow down before them?

Why is DBKL wasting taxpayers' money on this kind of 'Hero Worshipping" Bullshit?

Are the mayor and his councillors trying to gain merit by sucking up to the Leaders?



"The Leaders are the sun of the nation and mankind", or so they say in North Korea!

{There is no information on the official North Korean web site about Great Misleaders}

Lee went on the say that, a consultative council made up of Barisan's division chairmen should be formed under the FT Ministry to assist minister Datuk Seri Zulhasnan Rafique in channelling the people's voices to the government.

With Datuk Seri Zulhasnan as the only Barisan MP in Kuala Lumpur, Barisan representatives no longer have the platform to channel the people's voices to the government.

“The council is therefore vital to gaining back the people's confidence,” he was reported to have said.

Also regarding the non-accountability of KL City Hall.

If only the rules are followed, there would not be such a mess in the nation’s capital city.

That is the question on the minds of city folks each time they see developments encroaching into green areas in their neighbourhoods.

The rules in question are the ones contained in the Kuala Lumpur Structure Plan 2020 and the Federal Territory (Planning) Act 1982.

The mess? The unlawful hillside developments taking shape in areas like Bukit Sri Persekutuan (Federal Hill), Jalan Gallagher and Bukit Tunku.

Despite having the rules, the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) has continued to totally disregard them by going ahead to approve ad-hoc developments in the city.

Ratepayers and residents are extremely unhappy with the way planning decisions are being made and projects approved in the city.

But what irked the city denizens most is the fact that despite being major taxpayers, they have absolutely no say in the way their city is being run.

In the case of Federal Hill, the question puzzling the residents is how an area designated as “institutional” (police reserve) has suddenly become commercial overnight?

What angers residents most is the fact that they have never been told by the local authorities concerned, in this case the DBKL, about what is happening there.

Too bloody true, but it is always a case of "Bend em like Beckham"! No wonder Malaysia is a mere shadow of the nation it really should be.

“There can be no taxation without representation,'' declared an irate member of the Joint Action Committee for Bukit Gasing (JAC).

“If you take bread from the people, you must be directly accountable to them,'' said the member, who did not wish to be named.

“The DBKL has to be accountable to us,'' he said.

Veritas numquam perit

- Truth never perishes.

UMNO the headless chicken, the plot thickens

Is UMNO / BN like a Headless Chicken?

Well, a new day has dawned, the morning is already over, and until now there is no mainstream media news regarding the audience that Abdullah had with HM The King yesterday morning, my early morning post is here. The mainstream media are full of diversionary stuff, a selection of which is below, but it is certain that BN in general and UNMO in particular, is running about like a headless chicken!

This is a selection of the news spin obtained from the NST and the Star of today, 27 March 2007.

Terengganu State UMNO liaison committee secretary Rosol Wahid said they expected an end to the stalemate.

“All the 22 assemblymen will accept whatever decision is made by the Prime Minister,” he added.

On speculation that the palace would retain Datuk Ahmad Said, Rosol replied: “Let us see the outcome tomorrow (today). Let the speculation be as it is.”

A state Umno source said a Deputy Mentri Besar might also be appointed.

A close aide of Ahmad said the Kijal assemblyman would get the nod from the supreme council to be sworn in as Mentri Besar.

He claimed that Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had agreed to Ahmad’s appointment as Mentri Besar and would make the announcement today.

“Ahmad met the Prime Minister in Kuala Lumpur early today (Wednesday). There is a positive outcome. Ahmad explained his rationale for accepting the appointment by the palace to the Prime Minister, who then gave his blessings,” he added.

The aide also said that Ahmad remained a loyal UMNO member and would not betray or go against the party as “his heart and soul remain with UNMO”.

In a related development, it appers that the three official vehicles, which had been used Idris Josoh (ex MB of Terengganu) were returned to the state government early yesterday. The vehicles were seen parked at Wisma Darul Iman.

It was reported that PM Abdullah had had an audience with the Yang di-Pertuan Agong (HM The King) Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin at Istana Negara in Kuala Lumpur.

This was a regular appointment before the weekly Cabinet meeting, however is understood that the Terengganu MB issue was raised.

It is also reported that Abdullah then met with Idris Jusoh, the ex MB at the Prime Minister’s Office in Putrajaya.

The outcome of both meetings have not been officially announced.

Now some spin and sulky remarks which have been reported.

Zaid Ibrahim was quoted as saying:

State constitutions that are outdated need to be reviewed to prevent conflicts between the monarchy and the current parliamentary democratic system.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Zaid Ibrahim said some state constitutions dated as far back as the beginning of the last century, and sometimes caused problems.

“That is why there is a need to look at reform,” he said. “Sometimes things get complicated because of an old law, but it is still law although it is old. It has to be observed as it is there.”

Zaid said the matter needed be discussed to obtain consensus, and to find ways to harmonise the expectations of the democratic Government.

“We live in an institution with a monarchy with certain powers, so, if there is a conflict, we have to iron it out, but it must be done with consultation,” he said, adding that the Attorney-General would look into the review.

Zaid was speaking to reporters on the problems in Terengganu – where the state Ruler and the Federal Government have separate choices for Mentri Besar – after chairing the post-Cabinet meeting here yesterday.

Where was the PM?

Zaid had described the Terengganu problem as a combination of legal and constitutional issues.

He also reportedly said the Cabinet reaffirmed yesterday the need for judicial reform, one that would be far-reaching and fundamental.

Stating that he would be submitting a Cabinet paper in a month’s time, adding that he wanted to preserve the institution of the separation of powers, as there would be no meaning in a constitutional government without checks and balances.

I thought that that institution had already be torn assunder by BN / UNMO

“Power will be abused (without checks and balances); we have seen it. I want a corrupt-free, honest government,” he said, and added that he wanted to see the judiciary strengthened, with capable people and with integrity.

Oh really, UMNO and BN should know all about that!

An UMNO supreme council meeting has been scheduled this afternoon, it will be no doubt be a hectic meeting, dealing with a host hot of issues, problems and dilemmas which have upset the party since the failure of BN / UMNO to retain the holiest of holies the 2/3 parliamentary majority.general election.

This will be the second meeting of the UMNO supreme council since the 8 March 2008 election, in which UMNO and almost all of its Barisan Nasional [minor] partners performed very badly with the ruling coalition losing its two-thirds parliamentary majority.

Sources said the council was likely to include in the agenda, the following matters:

-Appointment of the Terengganu MB and the membership of Ahmad Said, who was appointed MB by the Terengganu Regency Council;

-The proposal to postpone the UMNO elections to next year;

-The call for an EGM by former UMNO vice-president Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, and others, to discuss the election results; and

-To discuss the initial post-mortem of the polls outcome.

UNMO management committee reportedly met at the DPM’s office in Putrajaya yesterday.

Sources said the committee discussed a report on the Terengganu MB crisis and would submit its recommendations to the council today.

“The Terengganu side wanted Ahmad to be sacked from the party for accepting his appointment as MB, which they said was tantamount to insubordination as the Prime Minister had said only Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh could be the Mentri Besar,” said a senior council member.

It was unclear if the committee had supported the Terengganu side’s recommendation for disciplinary action to be taken against Ahmad. What was clear is that the supreme council will endeavour to end the seemingly never-ending story at it's meeting today.

Sources were reported as saying a topic which could prove to be even more contentious was the proposal to postpone the party elections scheduled for this year. Three senior council members have already made it clear that many rank and file UMNO members were unhappy with any move to put off the party polls.

So later today we may see an official announcement, which may see the cap-in-hand PM backing down and eating humble pie!

Saepe ne utile quidem est scire quid futurum sit

- Often it is not even advantageous to know what will be.

What was the outcome of the PMs Audience with the King?

Well there hasn't been a word in the local mainstream media (on line) as yet, so reading the gaps between the lines, it is obvious that the PM has been unable to get his own way, this is the gist of this report earlier tonight on Malaysiakni:

"updated 6.32pm It is learnt that after an audience with the king, Abdullah had agreed with the appointment of the palace-backed Ahmad Said for the post."

So let's await the morning papers, to see what the spin doctors, the ghost writers, the fudgers and the bullshitters have decided to say.

Habetis bona deum

- Have a nice day

Wednesday 26 March 2008

Is the PM sincere, or just waffling?

Knee-jerk reaction package has been proposed, yesterday, Tuesday 25 March 2008. which is supposed to ease the ever increasing burden faced by low-income poverty stricken Malaysians.

According to media reports Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, now in his second term as Prime Minister, has unveiled a reactive package of measures supposedly formulated to alleviate the intolerable burden of rapidly spiralling costs of basic essentials faced by low as well as middle income Malaysians.

Firstly the government aims to mitigate the impact of rising world prices for lower income households and limit the wastage and losses caused by subsidies.

Secondly, the government would review the implementation of its economic plans to ensure that its benefits would touch the lives of those who needed them the most.

Thirdly, the government would continue its work towards reducing wide income gaps between and within ethnic groups while ensuring fairness for all Malaysians.

Other priority areas for his second term as PM were said to be to drastically reduce crime, step up the battle against corruption, support reforms of the judiciary and ensure a fair number of places of worship for Malaysians of all religions.

Is this more hot air, lies, and play-acting which the public have become so accustomed to hearing and seeing during Abdullah’s first term as PM?

Even if he is being sincere and honest, it a really a case of TOO LITTLE TOO LATE!

In another news report Adbullah admitted he had not moved fast enough in pushing through reforms which he had promised to undertake, and said the result of the general election was a strong message to him, that he had not done so.

Wow at last he seems to realise he was given a hard slap by the voters for lying and being incompetent!

"I thank the Malaysian people for this message. Point well made and point taken," he said .

"During the last elections, we lost the cyber-war. The young people were looking at SMSs, Internet and other tools to get information."

"We did not think that it was important to respond to them. It was a serious misjudgement. It was a very serious mistake on our part."

"It is my intention to respond to the young people and their enthusiasm. We have no other choice but to respond to the message as swiftly as we can.”

It is not only the young people who deserted him and BN, does he realise this fact? Perhaps not!

He said he now intended to implement a bold agenda for addressing the concerns of the people as expressed through the ballot box.

Abdullah said the Government was ready to change and address the people's concerns and grievances.

He said that the Government would work with honesty, integrity and zero tolerance of corruption.

"I believe we have the means to do well. We are working very hard. We are ready to rectify our mistakes. It is important for us to do it," he added.

Well, well, well, a very late, but nevertheless welcome admission of non-performance, tardiness and incompetence, that is somewhat refreshing, but will henceforth see any positive changes, or will we only experience the status quo or just more and more‘talk’?

Decisive, bold, sincere and effective action will be needed, and it must be implemented across the board relentlessly without fear or favour.

Then and only then all Malaysians may see some positive benefits from it.

It is once again TOO LITTLE TOO LATE!

Ab actu ad posse valet illatio

- From what has happened before we may infer what will happen in future

Tuesday 25 March 2008

UMNO may postpone internal elections to protect PM

Keeping on the band wagon & sticking to the gravy train!
Image Source

‘Mike Tyson’ says UNMO may postpone internal elections due this year.

This is obviously aimed at protecting Abdullah Ahmad Badawi from being ousted as president of the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO), following the party's dismal election performance.

UMNO information chief, the man with two Muhammads in his name, Muhammad Muhammad Taib, better known as ‘Mike Tyson’ said that if polls were held now, there would be 'havoc and disaster'.

The president of UMNO has always automatically become the prime minister.

See the story in Straits Times HERE


Aut viam inveniam aut faciam
-I'll either find a way or make one

Terengganu MB, former MB press conference


Former MB of Terengganu, Idris Jusoh has expressed willingness to accept any decision from the Barisan Nasional (read UMNO) leadership which is regarded as best for the people, including 'withdrawing from the Mentri Besar’s post'.


He was said to have made this declaration at a Press Conference called this afternoon (24 March 2008) at a hotel near KL today.

That's all the information for now.

See NST article HERE

See malaysiakini article HERE

O curas hominum! O quantum est in rebus inane!

- Ah, human cares! Ah, how much futility in the world!

The Terengganu MB begins work

Ahmad Said receiving his letter of appointment

Kijal (UMNO) assemblyman Ahmad Said began his first day of work as Terengganu Mentri Besar at his office in Wisma Darul Iman in Kuala Terengganu at 8am today, Tuesday 25 March 2008.

His supporters were seen gathered outside the office complex and there was a heavy police presence, but no incidents were reported.

One of his first statements as MB, Ahmad was that he intended to continue the work of the previous MB Idris Jusoh.

"It would have been difficult not to accept the position of Terengganu Mentri Besar as I had been selected by the palace," he said.

He also was reported as saying he hoped that the 22 UMNO assemblymen who had protested against his appointment would "cool down soon" to enable him to appoint his state executive councillors.

Yesterday, Monday, Ahmad Said had reiterated that his appointment as Menteri Besar by means of the letter bestowed to him on Sunday by the Terengganu Regency Advisory Council was sufficient, as it was made in accordance with the state’s laws and that he need not be sworn in, before being able to carry out his duties as MB.

Omnia mutantur, nihil interit

- Everything changes, nothing perishes

Modern Day Slavery exposed at TESCO in Malaysia

An investigation by The Daily Telegraph (United Kingdom) has uncovered the fact that people subcontracted to work up to 80 hours a week in Tesco's supermarkets in Malaysia found themselves employed in circumstances that meet the United Nations' definition of forced labour.

Read the full article in the UK Daily Telegraph HERE

Tesco, the UK supermarket chain, is a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI), which commits members to checking their entire supply chain to ensure that forced labour is not used.

"Doing business in some overseas markets can be challenging as local laws and customs sometimes appear to conflict with the high expectations we have here in the UK and elsewhere in the international community," the company reportedly had said.

"However, wherever we operate we insist on the highest standards of welfare for workers, both our own and - as in this case - those employed by contractors working for us.

We take allegations such as these very seriously and have launched an immediate investigation with our contractors.

Whilst we do not believe that they are deliberately seeking to disadvantage their workers, if improvements need to be made we will not hesitate to make them."

A pay slip (click on it for larger image) for a Bangladeshi cleaner at a Tesco Malaysia store, who is employed by a Malaysian sub-contractor, shows basic monthly pay of only RM 135.48 [about GB£21.50] after deductions.

Dan Rees, director of ETI was reported to have said that:

"ETI members are expected to put robust systems in place to check that their suppliers are employing workers in decent conditions and their rights under national and international laws are respected.”

"Companies have an important responsibility to ensure that labour agents are decent employers but the root causes of the problem lies with the Malaysian government whose policies promote the exploitation of vulnerable migrant workers."

Roger Plant, head of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) special action programme to combat forced labour, is reported to have said:

"Many people would use the term 'modern day slavery' to describe the situation faced by these workers. We call it forced labour which is a criminal offence under international law."

Modern Day Slavery appears to be alive and well in Malaysia.

Foreign and local workers are being exploited by their employees, how utterly shameful.

The Malaysian government, as well as other governments, employers such as Tesco and all other companies which exploit workers in Malaysia and elsewhere in the world, must put an immediate stop to this modern day form of slavery, forced labour and a blatant criminal abuse of human rights.

Vita non est vivere sed valere vita est
- Life is more than merely staying alive


Smart Tunnel closed indefinitely

KUALA LUMPUR: "The Smart Tunnel will be closed for flood mitigation operations until further notice.

Syarikat Mengurus Air Banjir dan Terowong, the company managing the tunnel, called on motorists to be patient and extend their cooperation as well as pay attention to information put out via the Variable Message Sign and various media.

A spokesman said the tunnel, closed from 6pm on Saturday, would be used to divert floodwaters to prevent flooding in the city centre.

“The water level has risen and if diversion was not conducted, Dataran Merdeka could have been submerged in water,” he said.

The public can call 1-300-88-7188 for more information."

How the SMART Tunnel was designed to work

First mode (Normal conditions)

Under normal conditions, where there is no storm, no flood water will be diverted into the system.

Second mode (Most storm condition)

When second mode is activated, flood water is diverted into the bypass tunnel in the lower channel of the motorway tunnel.

The motorway section is still open to traffic during this stage.

Third mode (Major storm conditions)

When this mode is in operation, the motorway will be closed to all traffic.

After making sure all vehicles have exited the motorway, automated water-tight gates will be opened to allow flood waters to pass through.

The motorway will be reopened to traffic within 48 hours of closure.

So what is going on? The tunnel was not designed in such a way, that it has to be closed for undetermined periods of time after being used to divert flood waters.

At this time it has already been closed since 6 pm last Saturday, more than 54 hours already.

After the car tunnel is used to carry flood waters, of course it would need to be cleaned up, but why is the tunnel now closed for an indefinite period "until further notice"?

There is likely to be more to this than meets the eye.

Is any of the tunnel machinery, such as water gates, pumps, waterways, or other devices damaged, clogged, unserviceable, or otherwise out of order?

Was there a malfunction, or a serious incident caused by human error?

Perhaps so?

When I drove through the 4 kilometre long SMART tunnel on Thursday 20 March 2008, I saw numerous large orange plastic traffic barriers standing in various parts of the tunnel leading toward the city, surely these loose barriers should not have been there, as they would float away if the tunnel was flooded.

Could it be these large loose traffic barriers are the root causes of the problems which have resulted in the SMART Tunnel closure?

The mechanism of the SMART Tunnel has been touted as being 'fail safe' but it may not have been designed to be 'idiot proof'!

Meanwhile Kuala Lumpur is even more gridlocked than usual.

Tarditas et procrastinatio odiosa est - Delay and procrastination is hateful.