Friday 21 March 2008



Many more much bigger steps will be needed to fight and decapitate systemic corruption in Malaysia.

Transparency International (TI) Malaysia has stated that it is encouraged by the report in the Star HERE that the PM has said he is serious about eradicating corruption but his proposal is not an all encompassing solution against bribery corruption; the proposed measures need much beefing up if they are to be effective and consequently be likely to receive the support of, and instil a measure of confidence in the general public.

TI Malaysia president Ramon Navaratnam said that while Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had instructed members of the Cabinet to declare their assets, this is but a very small step forward, and many more additional bold steps must be taken, if the fight against corruption it is to have any hope of success.

“Cabinet members should not only declare their assets but also liabilities and indicate their net worth, this must also apply to their spouses and immediate family members,” he is reported to have said. Besides this other measures need to be formulated and put into action.

Furthermore, declaring assets and liabilities twice in five years, was inadequate; they should be declared each and every year, since it will most likely be far too late for any action to be taken at the end of a period of about two-and-a-half years, he added.

The same standards should similarly apply to all MPs, State Assemblymen and Local Authority council members. The States which are not under BN should also take the initiative and follow suit, by requiring the declaration of the assets, liabilities and net worth of all State Government officials, their spouses and immediate family members.

“Preferably, the records should be scrutinised by an independent commission, in the form of a Ombudsman set up by the Government. This will help to give confidence, and go some way to satisfying the requirements of the people,” he said.

“The public too must play a role in helping the Government fight corruption by reporting the crime, just as one reports robbery, murder and rape,” he said.

Whilst some crimes affected individuals or small groups, bribery and corruption affected the whole of society, he explained.

The Anti-Corruption Agency must also be an independent agency. Otherwise, the fight against corruption would not be taken seriously,” he said.

Too true, but will the fight against bribery and corruption in all it’s forms proceed beyond the NATO (No Action Talk Only) stage?

Past practices of the BN do not inspire very much confidence, but nevertheless the people will no doubt be willing to give a final chance for BN to change for the better.

If they do not take the opportunity offered by the voting public, then BN and the component political parities thereof, especially UMNO will quickly become more and more irrelevant in Malaysian politics!!

It takes two to tango, so if no bribes are offered the corruption will similarly decline.

The givers as well as the receivers must be apprehended and brought to justice, without fear or favour.



De integro - Repeat again from the start

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