Wednesday 12 March 2008


A Harley-Davidson & a Hoover

What is the difference between a
and a Hoover
vacuum clearer?

A. The position of the dirt bag.

Victoria Beckham

"The whole point of Victoria Beckham is to make
other women feel profoundly adequate, if not
downright superior"
-  Rowan Pelling, co-founder of
The Erotic Review.

A Gamekeeper's Tale

The gamekeeper of a country estate in northern England was preparing
for the start of a shoot at the beginning of the pheasant hunting season.
 He was impatiently awaiting the arrival of some yuppies from the
city who were coming for a day in the country and were taking
part in the shoot, but were late.

The gamekeeper was know to be averse to such folks, hence
his sour face.
Suddenly, he turned to a group of local farmers, and asked them:

“Do you know the difference
between a Land Rover Discovery

and a hedgehog?”

The farmers, though about it for a while, and then each of them
replied that they didn’t know.
The gamekeeper replied, 

“The difference is that
the Land Rover Discovery

has the pricks on the inside!”

Supp up lads!

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