Monday 10 March 2008

I'm not quitting, says Abdullah Badawi, true or false?


I’m not quitting, says Adbullah Badawi hehas said he will not resign and will continue Barisan Nasional’s struggle. Oh I see, the only BN struggle, what about the peoples' struggle?

He said that even though Barisan did not obtain a two-thirds parliamentary majority, the coalition has not lost its head (is he referring to himself here?).
Anyway, as has been the case for the past fours years, the BN (UMNO) leader has had several heads. So as would be expected, too many cooks spoiled the broth.

Early today he was sworn in as the PM for another term.

* “I give you my word, ladies and gentlemen, that I will continue my efforts to strengthen UMNO and Barisan Nasional, to launch the manifesto that we have promised so that our country will be safe, peaceful and prosperous (selamat, aman dan makmur),” he said.

He said it was the presence of his supporters on Saturday night and yesterday that gave him the strength and enthusiasm to continue the struggle.

* * “We want to continue our struggle as our agenda is not over yet. We want our country to be progressive and successful and for the people to be happy,” he said.

He said the heartfelt support given to him was overwhelming.

* * * “To you all, I say thank you. I will not disappoint you,” he said.

Dismissing rumours that he was stepping down, he said

** **Why should I step down? Our party has won. I do not fear anyone except God {Allah}.

Assorted UMNO and Barisan leaders were said to have visited Abdullah to express their support. They will no doubt have been sniffing about, testing the wind, and getting ready to grab a piece of the pie at the earliest available opportunity.


*As for his word, well, he has a very poor record of being transparent and truthful; his lies have deceived the people before, so Abdullah’s word may be rather hard to believe now.

**One cannot help but wonder what agenda Abdullah is referring to, is it his own personal and family, UMNO, or some other unknown agenda? He has appears to failed miserably to make the people happy thus far

***Well, well well, it is too late now, he has already disappointed his supporters if the election results are a benchmark, and the citizens have been truly very disappointed during the past four years.

****He should step down immediately if he is a honourable, responsible and God fearing person, he has failed as a leader and should quit now, whilst he still retains a modicum of respect in certain quarters.
If he does not resign, the there is a very good chance he will be either replaced as the leader of UMNO following a vote of no confidence, or perhaps he will be undermined by two faced ‘friends’?
Which party was he referring to? It must be UMNO, BN is a coalition of several political parties?
He should not get God mixed up in his dubious political shenanigans.

UNMO for dummies.

1. Two heads are better than one, as two faces are essential!

2. "UNMO means 'Unifying Many Notable Opportunists'"



hcfoo said...

Pak Lah said he will not dissolve the parliament and he did it the next day. How I wish he will do exactly the same, to resign tomorrow.

mindful mariner said...

Amen to that hcfoo. Thanks for the comment.