Tuesday 11 March 2008

Political Police Chief of Malaysia Speaks

Peaceful Protests? Not Allowed, breathe this tear gas!

The Royal Malaysian Police will remain neutral, says Musa.

This 'Star newspaper' news report came out of Kuala Lumpur:


The police will continue to remain neutral in serving the Government and rakyat (people), said Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan.(This infers that the police have been neutral in the past, have they really been? I don't believe they have been)

He said he had informed all his men in states where new governments were elected to be fair and professional while carrying out their duty. (1. Informed only? 2. Were they not fair and professional prior to this?)

He added that police would give their full cooperation to all political parties, to ensure the peace and security was maintained at all times.(A true statement?)

“We will help ensure that there is a smooth transition of power when the opposition party sets up its new government in states like Kedah, Perak, Selangor and Penang,” he told a press conference yesterday." (Politicking?)

Musa also advised those who won the elections to refrain from organising or getting involved in any more illegal demonstrations or rallies. (A veiled threat?)

He was referring to several victorious candidates who had been arrested previously for participating in illegal demonstrations. (Another veiled threat?)

The IGP said more than 400 police reports were lodged on the elections, adding that there were no serious problems." (Head in the sand, apathy?)

(Bold font and notes are mine)

The Inspector General of Police is, according to this news report, speaking more like a politician than an IGP, is he not?

The police have always seemed to be at the beck and call of the UNMO led BN Federal Government and BN led State Governments, so can the people expect in the future to see a change?

Policing and politics should never mix in a democracy, but then Malaysia, until the last General Election, has never been truly democratic has it?

Now that five states have opposition governments, and that BN has lost it's sacred 2/3 majority in parliament, there is for the first time in 50 years a semblance of democracy in Malaysia, let's hope that the IGP and his men behave in the correct and professional way, and are really neutral and impeccably impartial.

The law needs to be enforced, firmly, uniformly and fairly without fear or favour.

The coming weeks and months will show us how things are evolving, then the true situation will emerge.

We are living in interesting times!

Rathima andu atene!

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