Thursday 20 March 2008

MALAYSIAKU- 10 years before and 50 years after Independence


HOW DO PENANGITES FEEL about the state of affairs in the country?

Take a look at the video below, which was made by a Penangite, and you will get an insight.

Now that the electorate have awarded the Penang State Government to the DAP / PKR /PAS Coalition, we should be able to soon see many of the wrongs being righted.

The criminal removal and / or destruction' of State Government records and files, will perhaps delay, but will in no way prevent the truth from emerging and the remedial work will go on regardless.

Oh Penang, arise once more

You oriental pearl we adore

Arise again, arise once again as yore

Shake off the remains of the rotten BN whore

Be steadfast, upright, honourable, glorious, and even more!

Preview video (Playing time 10 minutes)

Full version of the video (playing time 1 hour)

'Revitalise Penang'
Justice for All! One for All! All for One!

Floreat regina regina - May it flourish

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