Monday 17 March 2008

Don't Forget the History of Dr. M

Not sure where this originated from ............perhaps from Singapore........... but it is a valid opinion, which gives a realistic picture of Malaysia and her politics!

I may, or I may not agree with all of what is written below, but that is unimportant.
The letter below helps opens one mind, and reminds us of what transpired before.

”Lest We Forget.............Who Dr M was

Dr M has no right - legally or historically - to call for Badawi's resignation. The people voted for the Opposition because they were fed-up with the BN's policies formulated and implemented for the past 30 years under the Mahathir era.

Since the Lallang Operation in 1987, both the media and the courts were turned into stooges for the use of the corrupt BN government.

This has resulted in the BN getting bolder and bolder with BN putras – the children, family and friends - robbing the rakyat in broad daylight since there was no media or courts to check them.

The Lingam tapes, Perwaja Steel, Bank Bumiputra, UMW-Proton deal, the redrawing of the parliamentary delineations, Liong Sik's financial scandals, Samy's tolls, etc - all these happened during M's time.

Guan Eng has been in and out of jail for at least 3 times , Wee Choo Keong was put in jail and robbed of his seat for exposing the MBF boss( Dr M's crony) in 95 - we lose track and count of the countless other NGO leaders, Christian brethren and decent Malaysians incarcerated under the ISA in Kamunting under Dr M.

As the climate of fear prevailed through the casual use of ISA and racial touting, the cancer just grew and grew. Those who dared to speak up stopped speaking and moved away - economic critic Dr KS Jomo, for example.

Those who were able and better qualified emigrated for good - out of disillusionment or for the sakes of their children.

Who is Badawi? He is the present PM appointed by Dr M who inherited not just the policies and sickness of the Mahathir era, but the baggage (people) as well.

For all the criticisms levelled against him, he did not put the blogging community in jail using the ISA like what Mahathir did during 'Ops Lallang' 20 years ago.

The bloggers had to deal with a civil suit via NST and Kali through the courts and coffee time with the police, that's all.

Surprising, really, to all the media watchers who were on tenterhooks for bloggers like Raja Petra, Jeff Ooi and Rocky.

We should thank Badawi for allowing a free intercourse of information and ideas via cyberspace, resulting in many scandals being exposed, including those of his SIL.

The cyber storm resulted in a sea change through the ballot boxes. It is now up to UMNO to decide who they want for their leader, not that dictator Dr M or his son.

Whether UMNO will cure itself of its deep sickness and return to the ideals of its founders - Tunku, Razak and Hussein Onn - remains to be seen. (The Tunku relinquished his membership in 1988 before he died in protest against Dr M's policies. I remember his quote immediately after Operation Lallang -

"We are on the road to dictatorship" this was never published in the Star as it was already shut by Dr M, but the newswires carried it).

As for the SIL, he is the bogeyman for Mahathir, Mukhriz, Najib and his keris weilding fascist cousin Hishamuddin.

Of course the SIL is no saint, but still brighter and no worse than Mukhriz and his siblings.

Badawi might be intellectually challenged and a real sleepy head, but he is a more decent man.

The record shows that he has never bandied the racial card nor intimidated other races verbally unlike the kris wielding cousins (Najib in 1987 and Hishamuddin last year.); bullied the Chinese schools (Anwar as Education Minister threatened to shut them down in the late Eighties) nor use the ISA against his perceived enemies (Dr M).

The Anwar card is more troubling. He worked hand in hand with Mahathir in all the policies, played the race card and reaped the spoils( remember Phileo Allied Bank, Tong Kui Ong and the Edge, amongst others) of M's regime until they fell out. Anwar is a chameleon, thus far more dangerous than the likes of Mahathir. It is widely speculated that when he gets elected in a by election later this year, he might make a deal with Badawi and return to Umno to take up the Deputy PM's post. If so, this will be a blow for the current hopes and rejoicing.

Anwar's next move will decide just how the political landscape will evolve because if Anwar has truly repented, the Opposition stands a real chance of commencing an operation to take out that cancerous tumour plaguing Malaysia called the BN.
God Bless our dear Malaysia and our family and friends there.”

Bolding is mine

Historia est vitae magistra - The history is the tutor of life

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Anonymous said...

I whole heartedly agree with this write-up.

Dr M is largely responsible for Malaysia's political and legal decay. I do wonder what's his ulterior motive for suddenly appearing as if he's the rakyats' saviour.

I am also suspicious of Anwar but for lack of a capable candidate to challenge BN - it's a choice of the lesser of two evils.

Only time will tell and my hope is that he's has done some serious soul searching while incarcerated.

You need to always remember of the injustice that was inflicted on you and you are now in a position to set things right.

Anwar, now is the time for you to proof us wrong and that our fears and suspicion of you is totally unfounded.