Thursday 13 March 2008

Khir Toyo, Lies! Lies! Lies and more lies!


Out of work dentist, and former MB Khir Toyo finally broke his three-day silence last night, denying that he had coerced eight PAS state assemblymen into joining Barisan Nasional to form a new State government.

Khir Toyo

According to news reports, Mohamad Khir, ex dentist, and now ex MB of Selangor, has also denied signing a contract with Puncak Niaga Holdings Bhd on the eve of Saturday’s polling and also denied ordering the shredding and removing official documents from the Menteri Besar’s office at Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah building.

He said:

We (BN) have collectively decided to stay on the opposition side because we have to help the people here. However, we will be with Selangor folk all the way. They will get all the benefits promised.”

We have nothing to hide, we are very transparent. These stories of taking out documents in boxes or even in lorries are all old stories,” said Khir, adding that the new State government line-up had nothing to worry as “everything is in order”.

“I have all the details on Selangor (ready). Do not make up this kind of false stories. We do not have any reason to lie,” he said.

Mohamad Khir, who is the Selangor BN chairman, also denied signing any contract with Puncak Niaga on the eve of the General Election.

“No. I never signed anything. I know what I’m doing, he said.

See Malay Mail front-page article of 13 March 2008 HERE

REUTERS reported yesterday that Puncak Niaga had secured a water contract with the former Selangor government to allow the company to operate the Sungai Sireh water treatment plant.

Regarding the fate of the State government’s subsidiary companies, Mohamad Khir said this would depend on the new line-up.

Mr & Mrs 'Evil Keneval' KT, sans helmets

Khir Toyo's signature, for what it is worth!

He also said:

“I hope they will take good care of the companies which are all making profits.
They cannot misuse the resources because I have a copy of all the relevant documents,” Khir said he was confident of winning the State back in the next four years.

“We (BN / UMNO) will also make sure that they (the State Government) practice good governance and if they ignore racial sensitivities, we will make sure action is taken,” Khir said, adding that “he will not allow any party to destroy what BN has built.”

He added: BN would make sure that the promises in the manifestos by the coalition of opposition parties would be carried out and not end up as empty promises.”

Such big arrogant empty talk and threats from a small very insignificant man.

Khir Toyo seems to forget that he is a Mr. Nobody in Selangor now, merely the head of the Selangor BN opposition; his own head is so big that perhaps the swelling will take a while to shrink.

Getting rid of his pomposity, pretension, arrogance, greed and selfishness will likely be a longer term project, but If investigations show he was responsible for ordering the removal, retention and / or the destruction of State Government files, documents, data or anything else, he should be immediately arrested and charged, tried and if found guilty, a spell in jail may help to speed this process up.

Henceforth, let’s just totally ignore what the pretentious petty preacher has to say.

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Beware of this dentist!

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