Monday 10 March 2008

Samy Vellu Vapourised

Good bye to Samy from Comedy Court.
This creative video bids farewell to a has-been, who has long outstayed his welcome and was justly rewarded for his stubborn arrogance and foolish sense of self importance.

Samy Vellu has been reported as saying that even after being kicked of of his Sungai Siput Constituency, by the voters, he will remain as the leader of the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) and rebuild it!

In the future, let's hope that MIC and all political parties in Malaysia, will sincerely attempt to closely follow the Gandhian principles for non-violent social order, where religious, spiritual, economic and political questions are seen from the moral and humanistic perspective.

The welfare of human beings, not of systems or institutions, should be the ultimate consideration.

Life, and material things should be centred on the following concepts and ideals:

  • Political decentralisation, to prevent massive concentrations of political power in the hands of too few; this political power should be distributed so as to reach the hands of many. [Gandhian political order takes the form of a direct, participatory democracy, operating in a tier structure from the bottom upwards.]

  • Economic decentralisation, in order to prevent massive concentrations of economic power in the hands of too few, distribution it to the hands of many.

  • Minimisation of competition and exploitation in the economic sphere, which will encourage cooperation.

  • Production on the basis of need rather than greed.

  • Recognition of the dignity of labour and the greater purity of rural life, compared to urban living

  • Practice of extensive self-reliance by individuals, towns, villages, regions and the nation.

  • Absence of oppression on the basis of race, caste, class, language, gender or religion, and last but by no means least,
  • A deep respect for mother nature, necessitating an economic system based on the preservation, rather than destruction of, the natural environment.

  • (Adapted From: “Why Gandhi is Relevant in Modern India: A Western Gandhian's Personal Discovery”, Gandhi Peace Foundation, New Delhi; Academy of Gandhian Studies, Hyderabad, 1991. )
    - by Stephen Murphy

    Come on Samy, you failed the Malaysian Indians and left nothing solid in MIC to rebuild upon.

    Wot! No more Snail River?

    Goodbye, and good riddance Sam!
    I'll drink to that!

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