Thursday 13 March 2008

Lim Kit Siang a Fifth Columnist?

What is wrong with Lim Kit Siang?

What is his point to get DAP to boycott the swearing in of the new MB of Perak? Has the older Lim, of the father and son DAP team, lost his marbles, is he suffering from senile dementia, or is he working for Barisan Nasional?

Playing up the race issue is a very bad move, there should be a united and concerted effort to eliminate all references to race in Malaysia.

The only race anyone should be concerned with is the HUMAN RACE. Apart from that race, and perhaps the 100 metres hurdles, etc., or the 3:15 at Ipoh Race Course, all others are non-starters.

Lim Kit Siang is, willingly or unwillingly doing just what BN wants.

Is he a Firth columnist, a BN mole?

An agent provocatuer planted by BN to prepetuate unrest and
disunity in opposition party ranks??

Going by his action, one can be forgiven for assuming he is, and that his goal is the destruction of the Opposition at Federal level, and also the state governments which have fallen into the Barisan Rakyat hands, after the voters turned away from BN.

Shape up or ship out LKS.
You are killing the peoples' government.

It is excellent news that the DAP Perak State Assemblymen are set to defy his instructions not to attend the swearing in ceremony for the Perak MB.

The DAP should not stoop to the gutter level of UMNO who boycotted the swearing in of the Penang CM on Tuesday by the Governor of Penang at Seri Mutiara, not even one of the 11 UMNO Penang State Legislative Assemblymen attended the ceremony.

I will leave it there, but please see Zorro HERE, he has a good post on this, and the comments are wide ranging.

Occasio aegre offertur, facile amittitur - Opportunity is offered with difficulty, lost with ease!

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Anonymous said...


VVe are fifth estaters
some father&son are 5th columnists
these are worse than maneaters
let's throw them into the den with the umno-no beasts ! ~~ Des, foolOFerrata:(