Monday 10 March 2008

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi sworn in. Maybe sworn at too?

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was sworn in today as the PM before HM the King of Malaysia, following the lame duck victory of the Barisan Nasional (BN) in Saturday’s general election.

Abdullah took the oath of office and the oath of secrecy at a ceremony which was held at the Balairong Seri (Throne Room) of the National Palace in Kuala Lumpur here at 11.10am after he was presented the instrument of appointment.

Abdullah, 68, assumes the office of sleepy prime minister for a second term.

Abdullah arrived at 11am, accompanied by his wife Jeanne.
Najib Tun Razak and his wife, as well as a few other hangers-on were present at this low key event, which was carried live over BN government controlled RTM TV1 channel.

Among those present were former MCA president Ling Liong Sik, UMNO secretary-general Mohd Radzi Sheikh Ahmad and several new members of parliament.

During the brief ceremony, it only took only 20 minutes, Abdullah signed the instrument of appointment before the Chief Justice Abdul Hamid Mohamad, the signing was witnessed by the Chief Secretary to the Government, Mohd Sidek Hassan.

BN won 140 of the 222 parliamentary seats in Saturday’s general election, a simple majority, less that the 2/3 majority which would have allowed them to rule the roost as they have done throughout the past 50 years since independence from the British.

So, what happens next?

After the initial stunned silence on the main stream media whilst the results of the election were being announced, the BN (UMNO) bullshit has been building up again. The usual no action talk only (NATO) which has been par for the course all these past years.has resumed in the main stream BN government controlled media

What are they crowing about?

They have completely lost touch with reality, and seem to firmly believe that the 'emperor has got new clothes', when in fact has AAB has nothing at all, he is exposed, weak and as he has been for the past four years an ineffectual puppet of his cadre of half-past-six advisers, repoertedly led by his SIL, who in the final analysis, who must together with AAB, take full blame for the incompetence of the governance of BN during Abdullah's 'leadership' .


See HERE what the BBC has reported.

A ship cannot have two captains, and this is also true for a government.

I can see that it is just a matter of time before Abdullah Ahmad Badawi will be pressured to voluntarily resign, or be unceremoniously dumped by UMNO.

Many hungry vultures are waiting in the wings to head UNMO and control BN.

As it is BN is decimated, only UMNO has any strength, or power, but hasn't this always been the case?

This power is now of course well diluted, as BN lost their 2/3 Parliamentary Majority.
The UNMO internal power struggle begins today.

Fetishes and dirty fame anag

= Same shit, different day!

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