Monday 24 March 2008

UMNO commits Lèse majesté

UMNO commits Lèse majesté against
HRH Sultan of Terengganu

HRH Sultan of Terengganu, currently the King of Malaysia, has been insulted by UMNO, who have clearly committed 'lèse majesté', see the article in the Star which is linked below.


UMNO have unashamedly insulted the authority of the Ruler of the State of Terengganu, HRH The Sultan of Terengganu, who is represented by the Regent of Terengganu, who being a minor is advised by the Regency Advisory Council of Terengganu.

Aiseman wrote this:

"They’ve stripped the dude who wanted to be Terengganu Menteri Besar of his Umno membership.

That means he is now an independent state assemblyman. So he can’t be Menteri Besar now because he definitely does not command the support of the majority of the assembly.

The thing is, he didn’t even have the support of the majority when he was still an Umno assemblyman. The Umno buggers in the state wanted Idris Jusoh; they still do.

Idris Jusoh commands the support of the majority, and therefore he should be sworn in as Menteri Besar, not the now-independent ADUN from Kijal. That is the law.

What’s with the Sultan? I’ll tell you what’s with the Sultan, who is also the Agong.

His objections to swearing in Idris Jusoh might not be legal, but they sure are moral and ethical.

The Sultan is sick and tired of Idris Jusoh, not only because he is corrupted, but also because he’s amounted to nothing more than KJ’s errand boy.

He’s sick and tired of the state’s petroleum royalties being used to fund ostentatious and over-priced projects that have brought very little direct benefit to the people of Terengganu, the second poorest state in the country, but have enriched Umno buggers in the state."............................

See the full article by Aiseman HERE

Article in the Star see below, the url link is HERE.

"Star Nation: MYT 8:17:31 PM

BN components support PM’s MB choice

KUALA TERENGGANU: The state MCA, Gerakan and MIC are standing behind Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in his choice of Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh for Terengganu Mentri Besar.

State Gerakan chairman Yap Kea Ping said the air of uncertainty was unnerving, but he had full confidence in the Prime Minister and Idris.

“The majority of state assemblymen (22) have pledged their support to Idris and this is testament of his leadership,” he said.

“But we also know that the Istana has given an appointment letter to Ahmad (Kijal state assemblyman Datuk Ahmad Said), and we feel that the matter should be referred to the state legal adviser.”

To a question, Yap said he was in no position to make statements on the strife within the state Umno.

Similar notions of support for Abdullah also came from state MIC chairman R. Suppiah. “We support Pak Lah and his decision. That is all that needs to be said.”

State MCA deputy chairman Toh Chin Yaw said the party respected Abdullah’s choice of candidate for the post of Mentri Besar.

He said they would abide by all orders given by Abdullah, and that the MCA was confident of Idris leading the state for the second time.

Toh added that Terengganu had grown both economically and socially since Idris took over as Mentri Besar in 2004."

MCA and MIC spineless running-dogs are now blindly supporting UMNO's stand, therefore they are aiding and abetting the crime of Lèse majesté.

Lèse majesté (French) is an expression, from the Latin Laesa maiestas or Laesae maiestatis (crimen), (crime of) injury to the Majesty; in English, is can be also written as lese majesty (or leze majesty) is the crime of violating majesty, an offense against the dignity of a reigning sovereign.

Since the disappearance of absolute monarchies this may perhaps be viewed as a lesser crime, however such malicious acts, could be considered as treason.



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