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Desi's "Rebuttal of a PKR Turncoat"

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"Wednesday, March 05, 2008

ELECTION WATCH (19): Rebuttal of a PKR Turncoat's

writHing after enjoying some LARGESSE FROM BN-UMNO's COFFERS, filled by the goodies syphoned off from Petronas' profits so that the balrdy Government cannot reduce oil prices at the pump!

I once did a para-by-para dissection of one woman's writHing -- is that Paddy somethin' Schubert guy a Malaysian or another beneficiary of Petronas' goodies? Dear ER, You Tell On Her to Desi!:(

With the latest jumping-on-BN-gravy-train cometh a so-called academician-politician Chandra Muzaffar -- so near a minister's post yet so far! Mayhaps the 12th Parliament may see him rewarded with this low post via te Senate? -- whose logic and crticial thinking cannot even match my Y&A johnleemk's discourseful domain, so don't try-lah matching with Desi as I am mentor to john, yes!?

MY REBUTTAL --in bold italics like this-- will accompany the crap this mercenary churned out, in ordinary script, yes, befitting such an ordinary mind in such ordinary write but made extra-ordinarily greAt by the New Straits Times. Will a Tan Sri-ship follow, like that other Face of NS-Lee Lin Thai? Your guess is as good as his gas:)

************************** Here goes *********************

From NST Online » Local News

ELECTION 2008: Chandra breaks silence on Anwar

PETALING JAYA: "If Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim becomes the prime minister, it will be an unmitigated disaster for Malaysia."

Really, ex-PKR leader and now JUST self-claimed chief? Desi says: You are an unmitigated disgrace to academia."

That was the unhesitating reply of former Parti Keadilan Nasional deputy president Prof Dr Chandra Muzaffar who broke his silence on his years as Anwar's trusted lieutenant when asked a question on the opposition Parti Keadilan Rakyat's de facto leader at a forum here yesterday.

That is the immediate response of one-year-old PKR member Desiderata, but journalist-of-25-plus years, who's similarly breaking my silence onthis turncoat today when I should have done it yesteray but I was on the HI-road to boost Dr Lee Boon Chye and Dr Jeyakumar's campaign up north... (THESE TWO GOOD DOCTORS CAN PUT THEE<>

Asked why he was breaking his silence now, Chandra said it appeared that people were being deceived by Anwar.

So you were so "easily deceived" by DSAI when you joined PKR then,? Art thou a kindergarten teacher?

"It is something for which I am prepared to go on record now so that people will not be deceived," he said.

Wow, you go "on record" -- recycling the Master's Voice or representing the 4th Floor boys?

Chandra, an academician who founded the reform movement Aliran and has also previously been detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA), was among many professionals and intellectuals who formed Keadilan because they were enraged with Anwar's sacking as deputy prime minister, his beating at the hands of then Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Rahim Noor and his subsequent charge for sodomy.

Aliran = Chandar and Chandra = Aliran
That institution should have remained like another Consumer Body lah, still led by same olde activist for 40 long, blardy years. WHY do so many hail fromPenang, ah?

BUT CHANDRA, THE FOLLOWING ARE FACTUAL INCIDENTS -- "they were enraged with Anwar's sacking as deputy prime minister, his beating at the hands of then Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Rahim Noor and his subsequent charge for sodomy"

He was deputy president to Anwar's wife, Datin Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail from April 1999 until he quit over differences with the party in December 2005. He contested the 1999 general election as a Keadilan candidate but lost.

I was the News Ediror when the incident over your quitting PKR "over differences with the party in December 2005..." and as I then heard it, you were engorssed in a fight with another principled politician MARINA YUSOF who, if Desi recalls correctly, just could not stand your dictatorial ways. (ASIDE: Maybe Mkini should chase Marina Yusof for an Update now -- I always salute this former UMNO leader because she tried to reform the old UMNO ways and paid a "heavy price" for two outings...)

Since then, Chandra has refused to publicly state his reasons for leaving the party nor voice his differences with Anwar.

Yes, you didn't state your reasons because it was all selfish and self-centred ones as you were too pampered and given a status higher than you deseved in PKR -- that's my assessment since your Aliran days, and for the record, I had covered you during my infant reporter's days. You always craved for publicity by "contacting" us journalists, didn'tyou?

Yesterday, Chandra said that while Anwar was an engaging orator, he was now "speaking differently" from when he was in government.

Chandra, when you joined forces with him, he was already singing a tune different from UMNO's old song because he dissociated himself with then Prime Minister (Tun) Dr Mahathir Mohamad -- so what was your driving motivation then?

Chandra said many non-Malays in the country were being gulled by Anwar's multi-ethnic stand.

I am a non-Malay -- and I don't apologise that I am attracted by PKR's (Okay, initiated by Sdr Anwar) New Economic Agenda that's the principal driving platform of the party's economic policies, one that's NEEDS-BASED, ABOVE RACE, COLOUR and CREED> I am rpoud that Anwar is the only former UMNO leader who realised that the much-abused New Economic Policy cannot serve the nation anymore, hence the new approach not along racial lines.

"Today he is taking a totally different image and it is sad that quite a lot of non-Malays believe in this man. He is saying today that he wants to abolish the NEP (New Economic Policy) and that is music to their ears.

Of course, Anwar today has to take a totally "different image" -- hey, mister academic, you know the definition of "reformation/reformasi"? Do other UMNO leaders have the guts and b***s to repeal the NEP when it has been proven to be highly abused? If some plicy had failed to achieve its core objectives after 37 years, why do you still want to keep it, Dr? ASIDE: Physician, heal thyself! Ooops, I apologise, this guy is NOT a medical doc,unlike Tun Mahathir and his wife, and now even the former PMhad some remorse over doing Anwar wrong -- I heard, is this true?

"We are so communal that we cannot evaluate a person objectively," said Chandra, who was one of five speakers at The Star-Asian Centre for Media Studies Public Forum on the 2008 general election held at Menara Star yesterday.

Yes, you are the only one -- Mr Academic and great socual acitivist, JUST? -- who can evaluate a person objectively. You rate thyself too high and mighty! AND THOU ART NOT EVEN A POET, or Poet-aSspirant like Desi!

Chandra said when Anwar was education minister he had forced a change in the nomenclature from Bahasa Malaysia to Bahasa Melayu, which set back national integration.

Yes, Chandar, when did you find this amazing fact out -- last week when the NST editors or Fourth Floor boys jogged your memory? Oh, mGf from Ipoh, aweofhelen, whispers many ex-politikus suffer from amnesia or selective memory!

"Tunku Abdul Rahman wanted the use of Bahasa Malaysia to bring all the communities together and he (Anwar) forced Bahasa Melayu upon the school system," he said.

Hey, did the UMNO-dominated Cabinet under Mahathir also fall compeltely under Anwar's spell?Or like the present CEO, most were half-asleep like Rip van Wrinkled?

The government reverted to use of the term Bahasa Malaysia last year.

Not directly rebutting this fact, but just mention that UMNO's dominated EDUCATION MINSITER has always been experimenting with the country's educationprogrammes. Did you say you saw the almoghty RM ... billion sign?

"Anwar (when he was Education Minister) was also responsible for appointing non-Chinese administrators in Chinese schools, which led to a political crisis in 1987," Chandra said.

Yes, recall all the "negaive events" of that Era and tou have UMNO to thank for, so what at=re you grumbling about. You still want to perpetuate the failed system. Oh, you are also a Bumiputra, and largesse is part and parcel when you link up with the 4th Floor boys by singing their latest songs, eh?

THINKING ALOUD AND STILL ALLOWED: Wonder where Just gets its funding from. And how much a year? A few ringiit only...?

He said many people did not remember the role Anwar played in resolving the Kampung Jawa clash between the Hindus and Indian Muslims in Penang.

"He said he would make sure the temple bells would not ring in the country anymore if his dictum was not accepted," Chandra said.

This incident refrred to above did not ring a bell with Desi -- I may have to do some research later. Chandra, I believe you're a patient fellwo who can wait till after March 8 for some crappy soup?

Speaking about the future of Malaysia, Chandra said the most important quality of a leader in a multi-ethnic country was honesty and consistency.

Yes, honesty and consistency -- how strange you did NOT apply these parameters to yourself? Maybe Zakaria Mat Deros has these sterling qualities! Did you, Chandra, write any Commentary in the NST about this Port Klang UMNO's moel of a State Assemblyman. Now he's encouraging the continuance of his legacy via his daughter-in-law. Did I hear any loud protestation from this ex-Aliran head?

"When a leader speaks on sensitive ethnic issues he must say the same thing to the non-Malays as he does to Malay audiences. You cannot play games because it is very dangerous," he said.

Yes, I think you must direct that advice to the BN component party leaders, especially the , and UMNO Youth chief and his deputy waved the KERIS on the PWTC stage? On, you also sometimes act out The Three Monkeys sandiwara, eh?

Chandra also said that although the Barisan Nasional was flawed, there was no other viable coalition in the country.

It's a slide towards The Abyss under the present BN-UMNO system of governance marked by Corruption and Cronyism and Nepotism. "IT'S TIME FOR CHANGE", and if we the citizens or leaders do not do it, Globalisation will force it on us, and alas, I believe, by then it's all too late!

He recalled his "bitter experience" trying to form an opposition alliance called the Barisan Alternative comprising Pas, the DAP, Parti Keadilan and Parti Rakyat Malaysia, whereby his task was to form a Just Malaysia manifesto for the 1999 election.

"Bitter" because you did not get a chance to be a Cabinet minster? Or could NOT get your hand at some mega-project?

"The BA did very well and it was one of the best performances by the opposition but after the election Pas decided to pursue an ultraconservative Islam in Terengganu and this made it difficult for us.

So you agree "the BA did very well..." and now finally admit your grouses are against an "ultraconservative Islam in Terengganu ...", nothing about PKR's objectives being wrong or that party leaders like Anwar are leading members and thepublic in the wrong directions with te calls for Change?

"The DAP emphasised an aggressive type of secularism which does not understand the role of religion in the country. A deep chasm developed and the opposition could not hold a middle ground and I don't think they can for many, many years," Chandra said.

Chandra, you offer no good reasons with a summary dismissal that "the opposition could not hold a middle ground and I don't think they can for many, many years...". Dear turncoats like the ilk of thee and Face of NS Lee Lin Thai, I pity you for your shameless attempts of justification what what is essentially doing a public relations exercise on behalf of UMNO and the 4th Floor boys. At least I think Desi would have done a batter job, and his price is a low Just 20million...

May God Save Us from More Jobbers Like Ye, Yeah! ~~ Amen/Amin

11.13pm historic/rhetoric wedNURSEdae


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