Friday 7 March 2008


R. Sole, A Barisan Nasional Spokesperson

Tomorrow, Saturday, 8th March 2008, is the day to cast your votes, which candidates you vote for in the Parliamentary and State Legislature contests are your own personal choice, but please think very carefully before you vote.

Make sure you know the implications of voting either for the BN or for the opposition.

The Main Steam Media, which includes the newspapers, the Radio & TV channels and Malaysia's monopoly satellite broadcaster ASTRO, which censors everything, so much so that even the live news, is delayed by several minutes, has been full of BN bullshit.

The opposition parties have had no air time at all, and virtually zero space in the editorial part of the English and Malay Language newspapers (any coverage they have had has generally been negative), the Chinese Language press has been fairer, and has had articles about, and paid advertisements from opposition political parties.

The BN has ruled the roost authoritatively for the past 50 years, they have amended the Malaysian Constitution, as and when they deemed fit, no less than 690 times in that time (nearly 14 times per annum on average), and the motive for these changes has, on the whole, been solely to strengthen the BN's grip on power.

UMNO dominates and rules BN, the other component parties are mere onlookers, silent partners, yes-men and toothless goons like the guy, with hairy lips and foul breath, at the top of the page.

Billions of Ringgit have been frittered away, squandered, wasted, syphoned off and as you all no doubt know, bribery and corruption are so deeply embedded, that they can be found in all tiers of administration.

Malaysia, given the wealth of natural resources, inherent expertise and experience, should be already a well developed country, but instead is a nation which has some of the features and trappings of a developed country, but is essentially still largely undeveloped as far as education, freedoms, democracy, human rights, public services, fair distribution of wealth, education, sustainable development and care of the environment are concerned.

Many citizens are still stricken with poverty, suffering by having to live hand to mouth, eking out their lives one day at a time.

The bulk of the wealth is with a very small percentage of the population, the remainder are neglected, patronised, subsidised (with their own money), and truly marginalised.

Have had enough of this?

Enough is enough, now is the time for a change of government in Malaysia

Watch this video and you will be enlightened



Give the opposition a say in the running of Malaysia, give them a chance to change things for the better.

Vote Wisely!

Say NO to BN!

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