Thursday 20 March 2008

Toyo departs


Toyo finally admits he is the problem, not the solution, and resigns.

It is reported that former dentist, and former Selangor MB Mohamad Khir Toyo has quit as the Selangor UMNO and BN headman with immediate effect.

'Mike Tyson'

These posts will now be taken over by newly-appointed Rural and Regional Development (Senator) Muhammad Muhammad Taib ('Mike Tyson'), Selangor UMNO deputy chairman.

Toyo said he felt responsible for BNs poor showing in the state during the recent general election and decided it was best for him to quit. Too true, he should have thrown in the towel ages ago, now ‘Mike Tyson’ is in the ring again.

Will things improve in Selangor?

Don't hold your breath folks!

But the PM is talking about eradication corruption, he has advised Ministers to stay away from it.

This (extract below) was reported in the Star:

"PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi expects those in his new Cabinet to stay away from corruption, serve with integrity and dignity, go to the ground often and organise frequent meet-the-grassroots sessions.

He also wants his ministers to be people-friendly 'wakil rakyat' (peoples representatives, be ever willing to serve, and be ready to continue with government policies that are popular among the people and the private sector.

In his first post-election Cabinet meeting, Abdullah reminded his ministers to be well-behaved.

“They must completely reject corruption. They must stay away from corrupt practices and there should be no compromise on this issue.

“We are waging a war against corruption and we are serious about it,” he told a packed press conference after the meeting. "

Idle talk? We will have to wait and see.

“The party president has accepted my resignation and also agreed with my decision to hand over the state leadership to Tan Sri (Muhammad),” Toyo had said, adding that he would leave the decision on the other state UMNO posts to ‘Mike Tyson’.

He went on to say.

“It is not a hasty decision, I decided to announce it now (before the post-mortem on the general election is concluded) because I fear that if delayed it would give rise to problems that will split the party and hamper efforts to win back the state,”

“Mike Tyson’ who was also at the press conference, said he was shocked by Toyo’s decision and was not prepared to say anything on the matter. Maybe the question was asked in English, and language which the Australian Customs & Excise, and Judicial System were told he was not familiar with, when he was apprehended for teying to smuggle US$ 3.8 million in cash in to Australia!

One gone, many more left yet!

Sed quis custodiet ipsos custodes? - Who watches the watchmen?

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Anonymous said...

Abdullah must be joking when he's talking about "eradication of corruption" when one of his minister is caught having a bagful of unexplained money.

Only a politician can utter a line like this with a straight face.

Tak rasa malu kah?