Friday 14 March 2008


Mohd Ali to rethink Malacca city plans.

Ali, minus the 40 thieves

The Star reported:

“MALACCA: Although assuring continued development in Malacca, newly sworn-in Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam said the “drive” to spur development within the city may be disrupted.

Mohd Ali said he would have to “think twice” with regard to new projects coming into the city as hopes of making it a more vibrant one had been dashed owing to DAP’s control of it.

We wanted to develop it further but the rakyat is not so interested.

If there are new things (projects), maybe I have to think twice,” he said, adding that he would not shift projects which had been previously earmarked.

I had a vision to brighten and liven up the city but this drive may be disrupted now,” he said, adding that that was the reason for his appeal for voters to support Barisan in the polls.

Despite the setback, he said he would continue towards achieving a developed state status by the year 2010”

The fact that the woolley headed ‘development’ schemes of Mohd Ali will be roped in is really good news for Malacca.

The centre of Malacca has been almost totally destroyed already by previous hair brained projects which seemingly were designed solely for the purpose of self enrichment for a few.

This could be a glimmer of good news for Malacca.

The building of a huge shopping complex on what was the
seafront padang was tantamount to rape and pillage!

This monstrosity was built on the Malacca
waterfront padang!

As far as Malacca becoming a developed state by the year 2010, this is a far flung foolish fantasy which obviously will be impossible to realise.

A realistic optimistic target date may be 2100!!!!

But with a low calibre self-centred Chief Minister like Mohd Ali, what real progress can the people of Malacca really hope for?

Many tourist have told me, amongst others, that:

  • they are appalled by what has happened to Malacca, the character of the town has been destroyed
  • they are shocked that the scenic view from St. Paul's Hill has been obliterated
  • they find that the environment is now more dusty and much hotter as the sea breezes can no longer reach the town.
  • they consider the street market to be very disappointing as most of the goods sold are not made in Malaysia, but are imported from neighbouring SE Asian countries, such as Thailand & Indonesia, and also from China
  • they condemn destruction of the padang fronting the sea, as it is a great loss

Redeeming features, which have been commented on, are the food and the friendliness of the local townspeople.

God help Malacca!


anthraxxxx said...

Don't even get me started with that stupid 'red light district' project along the pre war buildings in the old city.

mindful mariner said...

Thanks for visiting Anthraxxxx.
Yes, Malacca has been well and truly screwed from left, right and centre.

Trashed said...

The Fort was positioned to defend the mouth of the river from incoming ships. How come it is now "inland "?

Malacca's CM has obviously discarded tourism as one of Malacca's pull factors. But what else do people go to Malacca for ?

mindful mariner said...

Trashed, thanks for your comment.
I agree with you.
Over the years Malacca has been raped and plundered, but the State Government since Independence has done more damage than the Dutch and British ever did!

Very soon the tourists will stop coming, as there will be nothing original and historic left, just tacky gimmicks.

What a bloody shame!