Wednesday 19 March 2008

GOOD NEWS, All 44 Councillors Resign from Penang's Two Municipal Councils


Penang State Local Government Committee chairman Chow Kon Yeow said the councillors submitted their resignations in batches.

"We have since received the resignations of all the MPPP and MPSP councillors."

to stand behind!

Former MPPP councillor Ooi Siaw Kok said the reason for the resignations was the forming of the DAP-PKR-led state government.

"The change in state administration has caught the councillors off guard. We will not be able to discharge our duties as DAP will surely assign candidates of their choice to fill the councillors' position.

"To avoid embarrassment of being asked to step aside, all of the councillors decided to resign before their term expires in June."

What a bunch of spineless, irresponsible, yellow-livered ball-less nincompoops those 44 BN appointed rubber-stamping yes-men rascals.

They themselves are the cause of their own embarrassment

Three cheers, “Hip Hip Hurray; Hip Hip Hurray; Hip Hip Hurray”.

Good riddance to them all, their guilty consciences must have been too big to bear.

Chow said for the first time, 10 representatives from non-governmental organisations (NGOs) would be appointed as councillors to both councils.

He went on to say that he did not rule out the possibility of engaging professionals and people with technical background for the councils.


Now Penang will soon be making Malaysian post election history, by having for the first time, Municipal Councillors who are dedicated, efficient knowledgeable and competent.

Power to the People!

Ubi maior, minor cessat - The weak (minor) capitulate before the strong (major)


Anonymous said...

hey hey hey....
that's the way laaa...
SHOW barisan that DAP can do better than them...
useless and piece of shit this municipal councils.....

i think rubber tappers are much better than them....

Anonymous said...

yeah, they just contributed another bunch of jobless peoples in the country

mindful mariner said...

Thanks for your comment Ipohchai, yes indeed, instead of 'jobs for the boys' it is now 'No jobs'