Wednesday 30 July 2008



Eleven Malaysian politicians, ten UMNO men and
one PKR woman are hanging on for grim death,
with both hands, to a ten person capacity
rescue rope attached beneath a helicopter.

The rope isn't strong enough to carry all eleven of
them, so they decide someone must let go before
they all fall to their deaths.
Unable to vote who should let go, the PKR woman
launches in to a very touching speech:
"I'm used to giving up everything for my husband,
children and for men in general.”
"We women always have and always will
make scarifices for men, expecting little
or nothing in return."

“Faced with this knowledge, I'm prepared to

voluntarily let go of the rope.”
Visibly moved by her willingness to sacrifice herself and
impressed by the eloquence and power of her speech,
all ten UMNO men started clapping........

Si finis bonus est, totum bonum erit

- If the end is good, everything will be good

(all's well that ends well)

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Anonymous said...

mGf: pls be mindfool, the sperring should be "UMNO peeps started CRAPPINNG!..." -- YL, "DareSi", Engrish grandmarian:)