Saturday 26 July 2008

MAS Engineering Denies it Maintains QANTAS B747 Aircraft

According to the Malaysian newspaper Star on-line, click HERE

Malaysia Airlines has refuted a QANTAS senior pilot's allegation that maintenance of the QANTAS Boeing 747-400 Registration Number VH-OJK, which suffered a ruptured fuselage on Friday 25th July 2008 on route from Hong Kong to Melbourne, had been outsourced to Malaysia.

MAS reported stated that the Australian airline QANTAS had also confirmed that the report in the Australian media was incorrect.

MAS senior general manager Mohd Roslan Ismail in a statement issued on Saturday 26th July 2008, reportedly stated that MAS Engineering handled the engineering and maintenance of QANTAS Boeing 737 aircraft but not the Boeing 747 series aircraft.

Veritas numquam perit

- Truth never perishes

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