Thursday 17 July 2008

"Anwar's Arrest Not Politically Motivated"

Syed Hamid

"Arrest not politically motivated"

Try not to laugh / cry too hard when reading this funny / sad story.

Hans Christian Anderson couldn’t have come up with a better fairy tale.

From Star on line:

Wednesday 16th July 2008, 10:38:00 PM MYT (14:38 GMT)

PETALING JAYA: Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar said PKR adviser Datuk Seri

Anwar Ibrahim's arrest was not politically motivated and that the Government was not concerned about any backlash.

“A report was lodged against him and the police will have to conduct a thorough investigation to get to the bottom (sic) of the allegation.

“Whatever action being taken is according to the due process of the law,” he told CNN Wednesday night.

Syed Hamid said he understood the concerns of Anwar's family for his safety and assured them that he would be treated fairly and safely.

On Anwar's arrest before he was scheduled to appear before the police at 2pm, the minister said police had already obtained a warrant for his arrest and they had the powers to execute it at anytime.

“This was to avoid any untoward incidents that might have happened if they had to arrest him in his house,” he said”

O tempora, O mores!

- Oh, the times! Oh, the morals!

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Hero said...

berita terkini! anwar akan dibebaskan malam ni!

lagi cantik kalau ada sapa2 boleh verify?