Tuesday 8 July 2008

Georgetown, (Penang) and Malacca (Melaka) gain World Heritage Status

The historic colonial trading towns of Georgetown, Penang, and Malacca (Melaka), now cities in independent Malaysia, are among eight new cultural sites that have been added to UNESCO's World Heritage List, this news was publicised by UNESCO on 7th July 2008.

See the news on the UNESCO web site HERE

This is very good news, it came just in time one could say, as ‘development’ (as noted in earlier posts) has slowly but surely eroded them both somewhat.

Congratulations to the residents of both Georgetown Penang and Malacca.

Malacca has over the recent past been ‘raped’ by several misconceived, state government initiated, reclamation projects and tacky tourist attractions, which have turned the historic town area into a shopping city cum theme park.

Georgetown has been less affected by inappropriate 'development', but nevertheless has suffered to a certain degree too,

The UNESCO listing will, it is hoped, put a stop to unsuitable projects, and provide the catalyst for the proper preservation and presentation of historic artefacts and the remaining historic edifices.

The old parts of both Georgetown and Malacca, still have many old buildings, some with their original shops, some are still homes for resident families, others are workshops for traditional artisans, all provide an vital insight into times gone by.

The preservation of these and other aspects of history are absolutely vital, to ensure that the present and future generations benefit from knowledge of the past.

The historic aspects of Malacca and Georgetown are undoubtedly what the majority visitors to these places want to experience; fun fairs and shopping centres can be found anywhere and everywhere.

Historia est vitae magistra

- History is the tutor of life

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