Tuesday 15 July 2008

The debate is over, it was on schedule. Who won?

The debate on, "Form the Government today, Reduce the Fuel Price Tomorrow" between PKR advisor Anwar Ibrahim and Information Minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek on the recent fuel price hike issue has taken place, it was broadcast live on Malaysian TV9, Bernama TV and Astro Awani between 21:00 and 22:00 Malaysian time (13:00 & 14:00 GMT) today 15th July 2008.

No doubt a video of the debate, which was conducted in Bahasa Malaysia, without sub-titles or translations, will be available sooner or later, and then those who were unable to watch it live, can make their own judgements.

In my opinion, Anwar was successful in the debate, his arguments were to the pint, accurate, and above all he stuck closely to the subject, and did not resort to personal issues, the converse was true of Ahmad Shabery Cheek.

Ahmad Shabery Cheek, seem flustered, and was seen to be ‘foaming at the mouth’, he did not impress, tended to waffle, frequently went off at a tangent, and also brought up personal issues appertaining to Anwar Ibrahim.

There will be much analysis, the debate will be carefully and selectively dissected and both sides will of course claim victory.

But for me, the clear winner was Anwar Ibrahim.

Veritas odit moras

- Truth hates delay


Anonymous said...

I agree, by watchin the debate, it was clearly shown that our minister of info knows nuts abt the recent fuel hike.
man, cant he just get to the point rather than bringing in personal matters? he doesnt know his subject.
high five to anwar!

nilimpa said...

I thought Anwar's arguments weren't that strong, but they were good enough compared to his opponent.

Shabery's arguments were full of ad hominem dribble. He also failed to respond to a question properly. A question regarding public transportation led to him talking about food crisis.

I think Barisan could have sent someone more knowledgeable in economics to debate. Disappointing.

mindful mariner said...

Saraswathy & Nilimpa , sincere thanks to each of you for visiting the blog and for your contributory comments.

bongkersz said...

it is clear anwar was the better debater, his points although not very strong but sufficient enough, simple and easily understood. we can't expect him to talk technical stuffs where most Malaysian will be clueless about. kudos to anwar!

mindful mariner said...

Cheers Bongkersz, your comments are much appreciated.

I would score it overall:-
Anwar 8
Shabery 2

JasonTan said...

The debater sure was fun to watch.

I especially liked the part where Anwar argued that the MOF and Tan Sri Ani Arope voiced their objections to EPU's plans for the IPP. That shredded Shabery's personal attacks.

Is there any other minister that could have debated better?

mindful mariner said...

Thanks for your comments Jason Tan.

Yes, Anwar ran rings around Shabery, Anwar used facts, and kept to the subject, he can also could think on his feet, whilst Shabery was using a well rehearsed script.

I doubt there is a single minister who could debate well with Anwar; they do not have the necessary intelligence, common sense and general knowledge. In addition they are arrogant and too full of their own importance, therefore are unable think out of the box.