Thursday 3 July 2008

QANTAS Aircraft Maintenance in Malaysia, Follow Up

Some additional background information regarding the previous post, entitled:

"Is Aircraft Maintenance in Malaysia Sub-standard?"

Qantas in maintenance tie-up with Malaysia Airlines

"Wed, Dec 19, 2007


AUSTRALIAN flag carrier Qantas on Wednesday announced an aircraft maintenance joint venture with Malaysia Airlines subsidiary Mas Aerospace Engineering (MAE).

Qantas said the joint venture, scheduled to begin operations in Malaysia next year, would target the Asia-Pacific aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul market, which is forecast to reach A$15 billion by 2016.

Qantas Chief Executive Geoff Dixon said the venture built on the investment of A$300 million Qantas had previously announced for its Australian engineering operations.

'It also reflects the Qantas Group's objectives of growing our aviation-related businesses into growth markets in Asia and the Pacific,' he said.

Malaysia airlines chief Idris Jala said the joint venture would provide a world-class facility in the Malaysian capital.

'Our priority will be to develop Kuala Lumpur as a maintenance, repair and overhaul hub for the Asia-Pacific region for services,' he said."

MAE, Company Overview

"Malaysian Aerospace Engineering Sdn Bhd provides engineering and maintenance services for Boeing 747s, 777s and 737s and Airbus A330s and A320s.

Malaysian Aerospace Engineering Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 2007 and is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Malaysian Aerospace Engineering Sdn Bhd operates as a subsidiary of Malaysian Airline System Bhd."

Source; Business Week HERE

"MAS Aerotechnologies Sdn. Bhd. or also known as MAS Aerospace Engineering is an engineering and maintenance division of Malaysia Airlines also known as Malaysian Airlines' Engineering and Maintenance Division, offers aircraft maintenance, calibration services, engineering & maintenance training and engineering & maintenance support to airline customers."

Source Wikipedia HERE

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