Thursday 3 July 2008

"Turmoil in KL" was a headline in the Straits Times of Singapore on 2nd July 2008.



"Turmoil in KL

· Anwar lodges report against police chief, A-G

· Threatens to link Najib to allegation against him

· Abdullah tells Azizah: Your husband is safe

By Carolyn Hong & Hazlin Hassan


- A HUGE rally attended by some 12,000 people last night capped a day of rising political temperatures in Malaysia as Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi and opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim fought to have their say on the significance of a police report accusing Mr Anwar of sexually assaulting a party worker.

Mr Anwar told his cheering supporters at a stadium in Shah Alam that he was the victim of a plot aimed at preventing him from taking power.

'I will fight. I will fight morning, noon, evening and night. This is a second round of conspiracy. I will not give in to these dirty slanders,' he said.

It was a message similar to what he had for the press earlier in the day…………..”

Link to the article HERE

We are indeed living in most interesting times!

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