Sunday 13 July 2008

Is Malaysia imitating North Korean intimidation tactics?



The Malaysian UMNO / BN federal government are obviously weak and are scared to death of Anwar Ibrahim, not only that they are clearly demonstrating that they are paranoid, undemocratic, authoritarian, dictatorial and they are making Malaysia into more of a ‘POLICE STATE' than it already has been during the past years.

This news report is from Reuters

“(Reuters) - Malaysia has frozen the leave of its police across the country as it braces for possible opposition-led mass street protests, a newspaper reported on Saturday.

The order was issued by police official Zaleha Abd Rahman on Friday, the New Straits Times reported.

It quoted unnamed sources as saying the freeze was imposed after an unnamed political party * threatened to call for mass street protests.

The government has been trying to quell growing discontent by the public and opposition after a series of political scandals and a recent steep rise in pump prices of fuel sparked fears about the country's political and economic outlook.

The ruling Barisan Nasional coalition, which has led Malaysia since independence from British rule in 1957, has seen its popularity plummet since a March general election when the opposition alliance made surprisingly strong gains.

The opposition Islamist Parti Islam se-Malaysia (PAS) said the party could call for street protests depending on the government's response to public anger against the recent fuel price hike.

"There's always a plan but we haven't come to a decision on the date and place," PAS treasurer Mohd Hatta told Reuters, when asked if the party planned any protests.”

*The unnamed political party is PKR

This is also reported:

Roadblocks have been set up at all access roads to Kuala Lumpur since 14:00 hours on Saturday 12th July 2008.

As a result of this police oppression, all motorists entering the city are being unnecessarily delayed, inconvenienced and intimidated.

Malaysiakini update: On Sunday 13th July 2008 at 18.50

“Police have also obtained a court order to arrest on sight if Anwar Ibrahim and opposition supporters are spotted within five kilometres of Parliament.

That is really OTT & clearly dictatorial and patently oppressive, is it not?

Malaysia is clearly rapidly deteriorating into dictatorship, ruled by a bigot

A change of government is needed to reverse the rot, is it not?

The goals are clear,

true democracy, accountability, human rights, equality for all, religious freedom, dignity and not subservience under UNMO's racial shite!

Ditto for the UMNO goons

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Vis consili expers mole ruit sua

- Brute force bereft of wisdom falls to ruin by its own weight.

Vox populi, vox Dei

- The voice of the people is the voice of God.

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