Friday 1 August 2008

Malaysia, in Terminal Decline?

Well, it is certainly rapidly losing a lot of credibility and what little international respect it may have once had.

Of course this guy:

"Najid heartened by African interest in Malaysia's development experience"

"Abdul Muin Abdul Majid, BERNAMA"


NAJID? Who the hell is this geezer called “Najid” ?

Never heard of the bugger!

But he has evidently said African countries look up to Malaysia, I say "Big Deal"

After two days experiencing crappy Internet connection from Streamyx yet again, I can now publish a post.

One could be forgiven for assuming that Telekom Malaysia (TM Net) was censoring / restricting the access to the Internet, whilst the government controlled / owned mainstream media could be readily accessed on line, sites such as foreign news from BBC, CNN , Al-Jazeera, etc. could not.
Malaysia Today, Malaysiakini, blogs, etc. were either totally inaccessible, or very very slow to load.

Even email could not be readily accessed, apart from the TM Net email, which I am sure most folks don't use as it is of limited capacity and in my opinion unreliable.

What is Malaysia becoming?

Sadly it is rapidly becoming more ignorant, more inward-looking, more xenophobic and more anal retentive with each passing day.

Too rejuvenate I am off for a few days to one of the few remaining unspoiled parts of Malaysia, for a relaxing few days far from the shallowness, the madness, the lies, and the cheating.

There will be no Internet access, no telephones; just the beauty of nature.

I will leave you with a joke, it will bring back memories of millions of wasted man-hours, (this being the time wasted listening to the unmitigated bullshit, and empty promises, self-praise and 'talking-down to' speeches), that are part and parcel of 'normal life' in UMNO / BN Malaysia, especially for civil servants.


BN Verbal Diarrhoea

A standard issue [verbose and pompous] UNMO / BN politician, notorious for lengthy, very boring and empty, cock-talking speeches, is just about to start holding forth one day when he notices a man in the assembled audience, yawn, get up and leave the hall.

Over three and a half hours later, the politician is finally winding up his speech when he notices the man come back in and sit down amongst the mostly sleeping audience,

Afterwards the politician asked the man where he had been.

"I went to get a haircut," the man tells him.

"But why didn't you do that before my speech began?"

"Because I didn't need one then."

Non est vivere sed valere vita est

- Life is not being alive but being well

(life is more than just being alive)

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