Friday 18 July 2008


"To best preserve DNA evidence, store in a cold environment.

Any probative biological sample that has been stored dry or frozen, regardless of age, may be considered for DNA analysis.

Nuclear DNA from blood and semen stains more than 20 years old has been analyzed successfully using polymerase chain reaction (PCR).

Samples that have been stored wet for an extended period of time should be considered for testing only using PCR and may be unsuitable for DNA analysis.

Mitochondrial DNA analysis has been performed on very old bones, teeth, and hair samples.

Samples generally considered unsuitable for testing with current techniques include embalmed bodies (with the possible exception of bone or plucked hairs), pathology or fetal tissue samples that have been immersed in formaldehyde or formalin for more than a few hours (with the notable exception of pathology paraffin blocks and slides), and urine stains.

Other samples such as feces, fecal stains, and vomit can potentially be tested, but are not routinely accepted by most laboratories for testing."


Timendi causa est nescire

- Ignorance is the cause of fear

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