Saturday 26 July 2008

QANTAS B747-400 Incident-Was the Malaysian Lackadaisical Maintenance Culture A Factor?

QANTAS B747-400 "Spirit of Australia

I certainly hope it was not, but have a gut-feeling it may have been!

If it was there must be a full inquiry and all those involved must be severely dealt with.

Sydney-based tabloid The Daily Telegraph quoted an anonymous senior QANTAS pilot as a saying that the yesterday’s (25th July 2008) QANTAS Flight QF 30 Boeing 747-400 incident could have been due to the company’s outsourcing of maintenance to Malaysia.

The pilot said that there had been a lot of talk among pilots about the poor checks on aircraft being performed overseas.

“Qantas outsourcing maintenance to Malaysia is certainly worrying a lot of us pilots. There has been aircraft coming back with dodgy staples to secure wiring,” said the quoted QANTAS pilot.

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