Friday 4 July 2008

Is access to the Internet in Malaysia being deliberately blocked?

The Streamyx service has been very bad for a week or so, but now it has virtually ground to a halt where I am!

I cannot access the Internet normally, even downloading a single email takes 15 to 20 minutes, if can do it at all.

Telekom Malaysia’s ISP Streamyx ISP, which is operated by TM Net, seems to be deliberately slowing to a crawl and / or totally suppressing access to many web sites except those of the Malaysian government controlled media and the Malaysian National News Agency BERNAMA.

I persevered with posting this; it took a total of 49 minutes to do it!

Is anyone else in Malaysia experiencing this too?

This could be just the not uncommon, useless, incompetent, lackadaisical, unreliable, unmaintained, erratic and shoddy service that most Malaysians have come to loath and detest, but conversely, it could well be something much more sinister.

has been ‘killed-off’ by someone unknown, but one cannot help but suspect that the Malaysian government is behind it somewhere.

Potential foreign investors should carefully consider if they really want come to invest in the 'up and coming Banana Republic' called Malaysia, and then rapidly become:

Fed up,
Fucked about,
Far away from home!

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