Wednesday 16 July 2008

Anwar Ibrahim has been Arresred

Anwar Ibrahim has been arrested outside his home, by armed police wearing balaclavas. (Polis UTK- Police Special Action Unit?)

His lawyer said, Anwar was taken to the KL Police HQ at Jalan Hang Tuah by police in a large convoy of vehicles.

His lawyer started that no reason was given for the arrest, which came shortly before Mr Anwar was due to give a statement to police over sodomy allegations.

The former deputy prime minister denies the allegations, which he says are designed to end his political comeback.

Anwar, who is 60 years-old had early been told, and had agreed to, report to police on Wednesday afternoon, to be interviewed over sodomy allegations.

But police evidently decided not to wait.

Anwar Ibrahim’s arbitrary and unnecessary arrest will no doubt be seen to be politically motivated and also will be regarded as provocative by Malaysian opposition groups.

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Veritas vos liberabit

- The truth will set you free

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