Thursday 6 March 2008

The Pride of Malaysia

on Wednesday 5 March 2008.

"Shameful show of public affection

DEAR Editor, I WITNESSED an embarrassing incident on Feb 1 at 2pm at Kuala Lumpur Sentral.

While waiting for my friend, I was shocked to see two teenagers hugging and kissing in full view of the public.

Though there were many people watching, they simply ignored them.

To aggravate the situation, the authorities did nothing to stop or warn the couple.

I wonder why such an incident can still occur in this country.

Regardless of what religion one practices, one must obey the laws of the country.

Just because you are a non-Muslim does not give you the licence to misbehave or do whatever they feel like.

I hope that the authorities can do something to stop such incidents from occurring as our country’s reputation and image are at stake.

As for the couple, shame on you. Grow up and think thoroughly before you decide to act on your impulses.

Angry citizen
Kuala Lumpur"

Here we are, a couple of days away from a General Election, and some narrow minded prude, or religious idealist, is wingeing on about a young couple hugging and kissing!

The writer is concerned about what effect such behaviour will have "as our country’s reputation and image are at stake."

Bloody hell, there are a lot more serious things which are affecting Malaysia's reputation, RAPE, MURDERS, INCEST (mainly by Malay Muslims), BRIBERY, CORRUPTION, POLICE BRUTALITY to mention but a few.

The writer says "I wonder why such an incident can still occur in this country."

The writer is obviously a Muslim zealot, who is upset that Malaysia is not as advanced as Saudi Arabia or Iran in the field of Islamic jurisprudence, and how to stifle social interaction!

Get a life, 'Angry Citizen' learn a little about tolerance, freedom and understanding.

Remember this: Guinness is good for you!

Guru Ugama Islam Negara Negara Europa Semua Setuju



Anonymous said...

Assuming that the writer is a Muslim zealot, I suppose then his world view is that love shall NOT prevail.

By extension, does Islam then teach about love or not ?

How you show it is not prescribed in the holy books, is it ? I have to laugh otherwise I will have to cry for my country.

mindful mariner said...

Purple Haze, thanks for your comments.
All religions, including Islam, are in essence the same things, they teach love, humility, kindness tolerance, and fairness.
Alas many have been used and manipulated by wicked people for their own ends.
Sadly many conflicts, wars and other trouble has been initiated in the name of religion.
I am no expert on the subject, but in my view Buddhism is the only religion which has never been used advocte conflicts, I may be wrong though.