Tuesday 9 September 2008

Unbelievable BN Bullshit

Najib’s Nonsensical Nonsense

Najib claims he was not making a link between the threats of a takeover by PKR advisor Anwar Ibrahim with the Barisan` Nasional Back Benchers Club (BNBBC) members trip to Taiwan to study agriculture techniques.

The can go on trips any time it wants as it was bearing all expenses and they were for a good cause.

Oh yeh, we all believe that bullshit

Rafidah’s Raving Rants

“Nobody should belittle his apology. It is not easy for a Deputy Prime Minister to do that. I was surprised that he apologised but I think that’s very good because he wants to stop this whole semantic or debate,” Rafidah Aziz said.`

It is indeed very rare for an apology to be given by a Malaysian politician, but why did Ahmad not give it himself?

Ong’s Overt Opportunity

The Government will be distributing 80 free motorcycle helmets at every university and college starting from Wednesday 10th September 2008, to ‘promote motorcycle safety and reduce fatalities’.

Transport Minister Ong Tee Keat claimed this was aimed at instil safe riding habits.

Is he certain that there is not an element of inducement to support BN included?

Muhyiddin’s Mercurial Mahathir (MGM)

He said that Mahathir expressed his intention to return to UMNO at a meeting last Saturday.

Mahathir, had said earlier that he would only return to UMNO only when there was a leadership change.

There's more to this than meets the eye!

Ahmad’s Absolute Arrogance

Ahmad Ismail has defended his racist statements and subsequent actions, and is leaving it up to Barisan Nasional to decide his fate.

This guy is beyond redemption, he has proved he is an embarrassment to the entire human race.

"There is nothing so bad that politics cannot make it worse."

"There is nothing that politicians like better than handing out benefits to be paid for by someone else."

"In politics, the truth is strictly optional and that also seems to be true in parts of the media."

"You have to have a sense of humour if you follow politics. Otherwise, the sheer fraudulence of it all will get you down."

"What is history but the story of how politicians have squandered the blood and treasure of the human race?"

Thomas Sowell

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