Wednesday 10 September 2008

Who is telling the truth?


A recent photo of MISC Containership Bunga Seroja Satu

MISC, or the Royal Danish Navy?

Must be the Royal Danish Navy, why would they lie?

Malaysian International Shipping Corporation (MISC) has denied that a third vessel from its fleet was attacked by pirates in the Gulf of Aden, as attempted hijackings by Somali Pirates continue on a daily basis.

The Royal Danish Navy were reported to have stated that on Sunday 7th September 2008, one of their warships the HDMS Absalon, came to the assistance of the large MISC containership Bunga Seroja Satu (
7,943 teu) in the Gulf of Aden as it was being chased by four pirate boats.

According to the Royal Danish Navy the HDMS Absalon responded to an emergency call had been received from the Bunga Seroja Satu, and that at the same time a helicopter the same warship was helping the Chevron owned tanker Front Voyager from being boarded by pirates.

A combination of manoeuvres involving rapid course changes made by Bunga Seroja Satu combined with the arrival of the HDMS Absalon the suspected pirates, soon gave up their attempt to board and retreated from the area.

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This question needs an answer.

Where are the Royal Malaysian Navy warships?

NSTP report of 8th September 2008, HERE

but two days later the story has changed HERE

The bog-standard Malaysia government misinformation continues

Veritas vincit

Truth conquers

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