Tuesday 2 September 2008


Anwar Ibrahim
MP and Malaysian Opposition Leader

The leader of the opposition coalition in Malaysia Anwar Ibrahim, who himself is a Malay, said on Tuesday 2nd September 2008, that he would, if he comes to power in Malaysia, which is a multi cultural, multi religious and multi ethinic country, dismantle controversial discriminatory policies primarily benefiting the Malays

He said he would do this by replacing the New Economic Policy (NEP), which was initiated in the early 70s, with a new system which would boost the income of all poor Malaysians, irrespective of their race or ethnicity, the majority Malays and other ‘bumiputras’ and the minority Chinese, Indian and other communities would all be on an equal footing.

"We will do everything in our power and disposal to help and assist the poor and the marginalised, which means the vast majority of the Malays and the poor Chinese and the poor Indians, but we do it on a needs basis" Anwar said.

The NEP was launched in 1971, two years after racial riots broke out on 13th May 1969, it was an effort to try reduce the then wealth disparity between the Chinese, who then controlled most of the business sector and the Malays, who dominated the government (civil service) sector.

However critics of the NEP say it has generally failed and that the prime beneficiaries have been mainly alrerady rich Malay entrepreneurs (political cronies) who have taken full advantage of a vast range of benefits, including discounts on property purchased and very easy access to specially allocated government projects, APs etc.

Anwar promised to abandon the controversial Approved Permit (AP) a scheme for the licensed import of cars, which it is claimed, by many, to have corruptly enriched a small number of well connected Malay entrepreneurs.

"Those talking about Malay dominance would realise that the AP is a classic case where the Malays and the Malay name has been abused, raped and plundered by the few" he told a press conference.

Anwar, a former deputy prime minister and finance minister was sacked and later tried and jailed a decade ago, has vowed to displace the government with the help of defectors from Barisan Nasional component parties by 16th September 2008.

Anwar has accused embattled PM Abdullah Badawi of ‘spending his way out of trouble’ with a 2009 budget packed with perks and tax cuts, and he said, if he comes to power, he would reduce the projected 2008 budget deficit of 4.8 per cent of GDP.

"I suspect Abdullah feels that his days are numbered, so he spends as much as possible because he knows the next government has got to deal with the debts," he said.

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Res firma mitescere nescit

Firm resolve does not know how to weaken

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