Sunday 14 September 2008



A Fairy Story about UMNO on the BERNAMA website HERE

It was also in the NSTP

Consolidation Process Taking Shape

‘Consolidation process taking place in UMNO

By Ahmad Fuad Yahya

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 13 (Bernama) -- After a period of unease following the March 8 general election, Umno is seeing winds of change blowing it towards rehabilitation and consolidation’------------------- Blaah blaah blaah.`

Now another, more believable, tale:


By Vox Poluli

Once upon a time, there was a 50 year old ship called ‘UM-NO’, or to be more correct ‘UM-NO-BA-RU’.

The UN-MO ship is not only rotten to the core it is also unstable and will doubtless capsize and sink very soon.

This is because, when the deadweight, or deadwood, it too high up, the stability is reduced.

On board UM-NO not only is there a lot of useless deadwood at the top, there are also a lot of big-headed pompous buffoons of immense size who are full of shit, and they keep moving about aimlessly talking cock, thus rocking the UM-NO boat from side to side.

Maintenance is either non-existent, or just superficial, as is the norm in Malaysia, thus there are numerous rotting components resulting in leaks, and water is entering much faster than it can be baled out.

Pissing into the wind by many of the not so bright UM-NO crew has only added to the internal problems.

The narcoleptic coxswain, Dul-lah Bad, is unaware of any problems, and is steering the UM-NO ship in ever decreasing circles. He has been subject to the ‘Emperors-new-clothes treatment’ and is living a life of fantasy in a dream-world castle, where everything in the garden in lovely, located in a mystical quiet place called Put-ra-ja-ya.

The assistant coxswain, a self-centred nervous fellow with pink lips, named An-jib is hovering about watching from the sidelines, trying to clear his own yardarm, also he is busy keeping a weather eye open for the approaching typhoon Madhatter .

The UM-NO ship is sinking fast, and will take all B-N components, (which are a few sampans tied astern of the UM-NO ship), down with it.

The ship, house & home keeper, a bald fat guy called Amid A bar, can do nothing but indulge in meaningless circumlocution, to try divert attention from his own inadequacies.

The remainder of the crew are a varied bunch of desperadoes.

There will be a few enlightened ones who jump overboard, and seek safe refuge elsewhere; however the rest will sink with the UM-NO Ship & B-N component sampans

With their over-inflated egos, which may help to keep them afloat, there is a chance not all will go down with the UN-MO ship & B-N component sampans.

Some may escape to overseas bolt-holes, and live a life of lonely luxury in exile in delightful safe havens such as Zimbabwe, North Korea, Burma, etc.

Any survivors stranded on Malaysia’s shore, will be investigated, and if found guilty, will have to face their just deserts.

Everyone else in Malaysia will live happily ever after.

The only remaining race in Malaysia will be the noble Malaysians, all members of the human race!

Ad lucem

Towards the light

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Starmandala said...

Worth the price of admission! What a great movie! I'll recommend it to all my friends! Ahoy there, Mariner, thanks for lightening up my day with this zestful cartoon interpretation of the current political paralysis that has struck Umno after Permatang Pauh :-)