Saturday 6 September 2008

Hamid Albar Threatens to use ISA on Raja Petra

The archaic and draconian Internal Security Act (ISA), which legalises indefinite detention without trial, to all intents and purposes at the whims and fancies of the minister, may, according to Hamid Albar, be used against "Malaysia-Today" blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin for his blog and the readers comments thereon which according to some may have insulted Islam.

The 'insulting' MT articles HERE & HERE

Minister of home affairs Hamid Albar said if the investigation which was being conducted based on police reports made by four government linked Islamic agencies found that Raja Petra had insulted Islam would face the action under the provisions of the ISA.

The country is in becoming riddled with crime, the police seem inefficient, there is a sense of more racial tension, the economy is weak and all the BN / UMNO federal government can do is it seems, threaten to silence all critic with detention under the ISA.

Third world mentality is alive and well in the simple third world minds of the likes of Hamid Albar.

News source BERNAMA HERE

Sic ad nauseam

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