Monday 1 September 2008


Ibrahim Ali

The Pakatan Rakyat (PR) should be led by PAS instead of PKR because PAS had more 'grass-roots' and had more Malay members.

So the historically thoughtless loose canon, male chauvinistic and overtly racist, Pasir Mas, Kelantan (formerly UMNO now ‘Independent’) MP, Ibrahim Ali was reported to have said.

He said PKR, although led by a Malay (Anwar Ibrahim) and had more MPs in Parliament, is perceived by many to be a multi-ethnic, (multi-racial) party, similar to DAP.

“This does not fit in well with the Malay psyche.

To balance insecurities and fears, PAS should be appointed to led the Pakatan,” he said in an interview.

Ibrahim went on to say that the move to have PAS as the leading party in PR would reflect the actual demographics in the country where Malays were dominant in terms of numbers.

He added that this would appease all communities and lead to the birth of a practical two-party system where no single coalition is strong and each side can become the watchdog of the other.

Read the news report in the Star HERE

In my opinion, racial / ethnic based political parties, and other institutions should be abolished and then outlawed in Malaysia.

All references and records appertaining to race, ethnicity and religion should be expunged from all public records, documents, forms etc.

Nobody should be required to fill in parts of any forms or documents which refer to race, ethnicity or religion.

As it is now, it is very common to see forms of all types from the public and private sectors in Malaysia with such race and/or religion declaration requirements.

Every citizen of Malaysia should simply be referred to as a Malaysian.

Only when all references to race, ethnicity and religion are expunged, will Malaysia become a truly just, unified and coherent nation, where each and every citizen is equal.

The strength of unity is absent from Malaysia, even after 51 years of so called independence.

Ubi concordia, ibi victoria

Where is the unity, there is victory

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