Tuesday 16 September 2008

Abdullah Badawi says ISA IS GOOD

Does Abdullah Badawi think that
ISA means - I Sleep Always?

The Internal Security Act (ISA) is good, but its enforcement should be rational and fair, so says PM Abdullah Badawi.

The Star on-line reported that HERE

Meanwhile, Abdullah & Najib both give the impression of confidence.

Is this misplace confidence, or perhaps it is terminal denial, or just wishful thinking?

The BBC has a story entitled - 'Malaysia PM rebuffs Anwar'

See it HERE


Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has rejected the opposition's claim it has enough support to seize power, saying he is "here to stay".

Mr Abdullah says that he remains undeterred.

"The government is strong, we are here to stay," he said.

His deputy Najib Razak, widely tipped to replace Mr Abdullah, repeated the assurances.

UMNO is expected to hold a meeting of its ruling council on Wednesday.

The next days will no doubt show who has the correct script.

Vide et credere

See and believe

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M-Factor said...

It's fair to them because they could make use of the power to detain any defectors!

That's why Anwar is refusing to release the namelist until he's in the top spot!

Believe it or not, Anwar does sound more convicing than the ever sleepy, moron, stupid, asshole, flirty Bodohwi and Najis Razak!