Friday 12 September 2008


Civil society in general, and Bloggers in particular, have had their worst nightmare come true, with reference to the concerns expressed, via the Joint Press Statement issued on 9th September 2008, by AllBlogs and CPI, (click HERE for Bahasa Malaysia and English versions) that the Government of Malaysia might use the ISA to arrest and detain Raja Petra Kamarudin.

This is the beginning of an attempt to create a climate of fear to silence critics who have been exercising their democratic rights for freedom of expression with responsibility on national issues.

The failing, rudderless Malaysian federal government is adrift in a typhoon, without a lifeboat, they are clutching at straws, but of course they are doomed to sink.

No lifebelts will be thrown to them, in fact some of their supporters will desert the sinking UMNO / BN derelict ship before its demise.

The arrest and the indefinite detention without trial of Raja Petra Kamarudin under the ISA may well be the straw that breaks the camels back, as well as that of the camel herder himself.

Let us all show our steadfast solidarity with RKP, and all those political and other detainees , held by the Barisan Nasional federal government of Malaysia, under archaic, unjust, cruel draconian and oppressive Malaysian laws.

Commune periculum concordiam parit

Common danger brings forth harmony


Starmandala said...

In solidarity with you. I'm with RPK all the way and I know he's psychologically been preparing himself for such a desperate and totally dimwitted move by Syed Hamid on behalf of Najib Razak. RPK is among the few who has attained absolute fearlessness. By invoking the dreaded ISA on him, the Umno Goons hope to inject fear into the blogosphere. Let us, like RPK, become immune to low-grade threats by puny men with no core of human decency left to call their own. They are the ones who will tremble and shit their underpants at the portal of the New Dawn.

mindful mariner said...

Thanks for your visit, comments and solidarity with RPK.
I agree, brown trousers may be the new uniform for UMNO nowadays!
Najib Razak is certainly one of the root causes, if not the root cause, of UNMO's troubles.