Tuesday 2 September 2008

16th September, Malaysia Day, Time for Change, 14 Days to Go

Heralding the Change

Two weeks until Malaysia Day on 16th September 2008

In 2008, this day of national celebration could well be even more auspicious than usual, as it could be the day when Malaysia’s independence from half a century of subservience to the selfish UMNO / BN begins, the day that Pakatan Rakyat (the Peoples Alliance) forms the new Federal Government of Malaysia.

Barisan Nasional is way past its ‘Sell By’ date and BN can be regarded as ‘Basi Nasi’ or as it should be correctly stated in Bahasa Malaysia ‘Nasi Basi’ (Stale rice)

[‘Basi’ is a Bahasa Malaysia word meaning stale, musty and mouldy, ‘nasi’ is the word in Bahasa Malaysia for cooked-rice].

There will be nation-wide celebrations when UNMO / BN falls from power, they stubbornly have not learned anything from the outcome of the March general election results, they are still big-headed, arrogant, self-centred and greedy. Furthermore, bribery and corruption are both thriving, continuing to be alive and well from top to bottom.

Recently the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) seems to have been awakened from slumber, but their actions thus far, are far too little, far too late; as bribery and corruption are now manifestly deeply rooted and endemic throughout Malaysia.

Cracks are appearing, and widening, within BN; component party leaders and others, are criticising one another, some agree to disagree, meanwhile others behave as though everything in the garden is still lovely.

In UMNO /BN the denial syndrome is as strong and as deeply rooted as ever; as are the sins of self-enrichment, insatiable greed, hypocrisy, lying, falsehoods and ‘money politics’, ‘vote buying’ and so on.

Which way will the Sword of Damocles swing? By whom will the winning song be sung?

Will UMNO / BN retain their, once strong but now tottery, perch, or as is forecast, will PR intiate change and arise to take control of the Federal Government of Malaysia?

Malaysia is, at this time, in a state of flux, many people want a change so much, will 16th September 2008, be the date that the flood gate opens?

Let us wait and watch the political manoeuvrings of the next 14 days, let's hope they are transparent, above board and just.

The outcome will be apparent before too long.

In my opinion Malaysia is ripe for change, so let the winds of change blow strong and steady. The voice of the masses asking for change is loud and clear.

The truth will prevail, it always does.

Variatio delectat

There's nothing like change!

Ventis secundis, tene/tenete cursum

The winds being favorable, hold the course

Veritas odit moras

Truth hates delay

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