Tuesday 9 September 2008

Malaysia is already a laughing stock, so this guy’s view is immaterial

'Universiti Utara Malaysia' (UUM) College of Law, Government and International Studies research and post-graduate dean Prof Dr Mohd Mustafa Ishak has said tactics to topple the government by cross-overs were unheard of in developed countries.

(That bold statement is certainly dubious, in any case, Malaysia is very far from being a developed country!)

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Malaysia would be a laughing stock to the world if the government is toppled through crossovers, said this academician.

“Such episodes may occur in third world countries that are still grappling with the democratic system.”
“If it happens here we will definitely be a laughing stock, as we will be seen as having a third world political mentality," he reportedly said.

What a shamelessly obvious pro-UMNO / BN politically motivated statement this is.

It is already crystal clear that Malaysia is still a third world country which is still grappling with (or perhaps a better words would be abusing and insulting) the democratic system of governance.

The lack of human rights and freedoms, especially the freedom of information clearly show this.

Archaic, oppressive, unjust and draconian laws and regulations, such as the ISA, the Printing Presses Act, the Sedition Act, the OSA, etc., firmly ensure that Malaysia remains a pseudo-democratic state; and clearly it will remain so as long as UMNO / BN continue to ruin the country.

Many Malaysian ministers have clearly demonstrated, time and again, their ingrained third world political mentality.

Esse quam videri

To be, rather than to seem

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