Tuesday 16 September 2008

Issues should not be queried openly, says Hamid Albar

Hamid Albar

is talking out of his arse

The three arrests made under the Internal Security Act (ISA) were a government decision and should not be questioned by any minister, Utusan Malaysia has reported,

Minister of home affairs Hamid Albar said this in response to minister in the prime minister’s department Zaid Ibrahim’s statement that judicial laws should have been used instead of the ISA.

Hamid said Malaysia would be in a crisis if every minister with his own stand started questioning another minister’s decisions openly in the media.

“Zaid is a Cabinet member and if he has his own opinion, he should bring it straight to the Prime Minister. If one Cabinet member carries out his duty and another one openly criticises it, I don’t know where we will go or what will happen,” he said.`

So what kind of democracy does Malaysia have?

What is Hamid Albar waffling about?

A few days ago he stated that the decision to use the ISA was that of the police, now he is saying it was a government decision! Does he imply that the police are the government and vice versa?

Hamid Albar is a bumbling buffoon who was an embarrassment to Malaysia when he was minister of foreign affairs, now, as home affairs minister, he continues his moronic idiocy.

Zaid, who has resigned as a minister, is a man of great honour, and integrity, he has great strength of character, and is greatly respected by Malaysians, this can not be said about Hamid Albar, and the vast majority of the BN government minsters and deputy ministers.

Hamid and the rest are despised and are not respected at all.

The sooner there is a new government the sooner Malaysia will be on the right path to prosperity, dignity and equality.

Meanwhile in Muar, Johor, datelined 16th September 2008, more UMNO men are talking out of their backsides:

Several UMNO chiefs want de facto Law Minister Zaid Ibrahim to resign from the Cabinet for criticising the use of the Internal Security Act (ISA) to arrest three people recently.

They are from the Pagoh and Muar divisions, they felt as a Cabinet minister, Zaid should blindly support the Government and accept all its laws, regulations and actions without question.

Pagoh UMNO division deputy chairman Tahir Taat said Zaid had ignored the collective responsibility of the Cabinet.

NOTE: Hamid Albar is also from Johor.

I thought Zaid had already honourably resigned, as he did not agree with the use of the ISA.


Zaid Ibrahim has confirmed he is sticking to his decision to resign as de facto Law Minister despite the PM rejecting his resignation letter.

He told a press conference in Putrajaya , on Tuesday morning 16th September 2008, that he was disappointed, after failing to convince the government to initiate reforms.

The Senator also said he has not made a decision on leaving UMNO and joining PKR.

He, however, said he was keeping an “open mind”.

Zaid had submitted his resignation letter to the Prime Minister one day earlier, but it was rejected by Abdullah Badawi.

Salus populi suprema lex

The safety of the people is the supreme law


Anonymous said...

This government is about to collapse. Hamid himself says it very clearly. Doesn't he realise that?

Fair said...

I will write to "Ripleys Believe It Or Not" requesting them to do a piece on Malaysia invoking ISA to detain someone when his or her life is under threat !

Botak will be famous.

mindful mariner said...

L C Teh, thanks for your visit & comments.
Hamid obviously does not realise anything.
Apparently he was at the back of the queue when the brains were handed out!

mindful mariner said...

WTF, thanks for dropping by and commenting; he is already infamous for his inane comments and illogical outbursts!

I think even 'Ripley's Believe It Or Not' would reject him! He would lower the standard of the programme too much.