Thursday 24 July 2008

Lili Marleen, the tall ship

Lili Marleen under full sail

Plan of the decks of Lili Marleen

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Asiaone Travel Reported a NST story HERE on 21st July 2008

QUOTE “High living on the high seas

BY: R. Gomathy

MALACCA, MALAYSIA: Fancy sailing aboard a luxury yacht and experiencing five-star dining on the high seas in the Straits of Malacca?

Then check in at the "floating hotel" in the form of the 76m-long yacht Lili Marleen, which belongs to the Halim Mazmin group.

Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam, who visited the yacht moored near the Malacca port yesterday, said he believed the floating hotel would be the next big tourism product to attract more tourists to the state.

"I consider this ship as a reward for Malacca being successfully listed (as a Unesco World Heritage Site)."

Anchored off Malacca town's waterfront, the Lili Marleen can accommodate up to 150 passengers ???????? TYPO SHOULD BE 50 ONLY????????.

It offers world class facilities such as deluxe cabins, restaurants, a lounge with bar and a sunbathing deck.

"It is a versatile platform for a variety of social, leisure and business functions. From now on, off-site seminars, conferences and meetings, luxury cruises and sail training can be arranged by the Lili Marleen crew."

Mohd Ali along with hoteliers, travel agents and members of the Malacca Tourism Department and the media, were treated to a cruise along the Straits of Malacca yesterday.

Meanwhile, Halim Mazmin group chief executive officer Tan Sri Halim Mohammad said the crew members were prepared to sail all the way to Penang and Langkawi.

"The Lili Marleen is 15 years old. She was purchased for E 6.5 million (RM33 million), and we are proud to own this one-of-a-kind ship in the Asia Pacific."

"Our concept is very simple -- for the guests to rest, relax and unwind.

"If the response is promising, then we are willing to add another vessel to meet the demand.

"We accept bookings for events such as wedding receptions. All you have to do is to inform us. We will plan the rest." UNQUOTE

Two days later, Star Metro South & East reported HERE

QUOTE “Wednesday July 23, 2008

Luxury yacht offers Straits tours

MALACCA: Tourists in Malacca can now enjoy sailing on a luxury yacht and enjoy the experience of five-star dining at high seas.

The 76.62m Lili Marleen, owned by Halim Mazmin Group chief executive officer Tan Sri Halim Mohammad, can take on 50 visitors at a time.

“It's a floating hotel. Besides sailing, tourists can enjoy fine dining,” Halim told reporters after a visit by Malacca Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam on the yacht moored near Malacca Port here recently.

He said the yacht with sails bought in Germany would be used for social activities, adding that tourists would be taken to islands on the Straits of Malacca.

“We can also take tourists to Penang, Langkawi or Sumatra,” said Halim.

He said that tourists could liase with hotels and travel agents to arrange trips.

Asked about the rates, he said this would be discussed with players in the tourism industry.

Halim said the service was in line with Malacca’s recent listing as a Unesco World Heritage Site.

Meanwhile, Mohd Ali said the state and related bodies would help promote the product. – Bernama” UNQUOTE

The Tall Ship, Sailing Vessel “Lili Marleen”, is a3 masted Barquentine with 50 passenger berths in 25 cabins, she was built 1994 and was formerly flying the German Flag, with the International Call Sign: DMJP, her IMO Number is 9086863 (A ship's IMO Number always remains the same throughout her life)

Her Technical Data (from her German Registry)

Length: 74,0 metres

Beam: 9,50 metres

Draught: 3,90 metres

GRT: 704

Displacement: 750

Sail Area: 1,200 m2

Rigging: Barquentine .

Built/Rebuilt: 1994 .

Engine: 660 kW

Whilst under the German flag and ownership she sailed on luxury cruises to many parts of the world including the Galapagos islands, the Baltic, Norwegian Fjords, Caribbean, Mediterranean and elsewhere.

Lili Marleen was registered as Malaysian Ship in year 2005:-

There are reports about her sailing out of her base in Langkawi, Kedah, on charters (see below) since then until the news reports of July 2008 (see above), stating she now has left Langkawi for Malacca, but her former home in Langkawi, Kedah was surely a far more scenic, viable and suitable place than Malacca to cruise the Andaman Sea, Malacca Straits and perhaps beyond?

Penang too would, in my opinion, be a far better home port than Malacca.

Anyway, let’s just wait see how long she stays anchored far off the, now shallower than ever, muddy coastline of Malacca.

Particulars of Ship from Malaysian Registry:-

Name: Lili Marleen

Ship Type: Passenger Ship

Official Number: 330429

IMO Number: 9086863

Call Sign: 9MGJ2

Date of Malaysian Registry: 2005

Port of Registry: Port Klang

Year Built: 1994

GRT: 704

NRT: 243

Length: 56.46 metres

Bredth: 9.5 metres

Depth: 4.36 metres

Meanwhile, on line this can still be found HERE

Lili Marleen - Tall Ship for Charter

Rental Price: 10,000 EUR Per Day

Location: Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia

"Practical politics consists of ignoring facts."

- Henry Brooks Adams, The Education of Henry Adams

"The modus operandi which politicians have loved for so many years is:
'If it doesn't work, do more of it!' "

- Ian Bernard


The Ancient Mariner said...

This ship was delivered from Europe by my old Dufferin classmate Capt SK Wadhawan and I visited him upon ship arrival P Klang a few years ago.

En route, poor SK was ordered to dump all the expensive booze over the side. So if this ship is going to be "dry", they can kiss the tourists goodbye.

mindful mariner said...

Thank you Captain Yusof for you comments.

The Lili Marleen will doubtless be an additional virtually 'static' attraction to the ruinous 'Malacca Tacky Theme Park Project', and will probably sponsored by the Malacca State Government at taxpayers' expense.

I fully agree with you that tourists will certainly give it a very wide berth.

A dry ship, an unattractive seascape, and UMNO politicking, do not make a winning luxury cruise combination.

Poor old Lili Marleen!

Anonymous said...

This is outrage..raja laut is cheaper then can >100m ship can provide many room for <100 person? luxurious?really weird.