Monday 15 September 2008


Abdullah Badawi seems to have lost the plot, he is three sheets to the wind, he was in the doldrums, now however there are many typhoons awaiting him. Will he soon be blown away?

Remember the typhoon seasons runs from July to November!!!!

The Straits Times of Singapore has a story about this, see it HERE.

This is an extract:

"FOUR typhoons blew into Umno last week and they all headed towards the House of Abdullah Badawi.

Using the polite language of intra-Malay politics, Umno leaders last week used words like the Premier "might have to rethink", "party members have the right to decide", "face the grassroots and seek their blessings"."

At the Straits Times on-line, there are also several other interresting articles about Malaysian politics.

Saepe ne utile quidem est scire quid futurum sit

Often it is not even advantageous to know what will be.

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Anonymous said...

i din't know that you Malaysians now experience TYPHOONS in your country