Saturday 13 September 2008

Malaysia hits the headlines, for all the wrong reasons

Latest news reports from:


‘New dissent arrests in MalaysiaHERE


“But the bigger picture in Malaysia is of a government struggling to stay in power. The opposition won historic levels of support in a general election earlier this year.”

Al-jazeera English

‘Malaysian blogger arrested’ HERE


The arrest comes amid simmering political tensions in Malaysia, with opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim saying he plans to unseat the coalition government that has ruled Malaysia for the past half century.

And in newspapers worldwide, you’ll find most of them HERE or HERE

Anwar Ibrahim’s Press Statement 13.09.2008

In Bahasa Malaysia and English HERE


“We ask the government how far it is willing to go to usurp justice and destroy the institutions of good governance in its attempt to drive the Malaysian people against each other?”

Veritas vos liberabit

The truth will set you free


mob1900 said...

thanks for compiling the headlines, Sir!

mindful mariner said...

My pleasure mob1900, my thanks for your ace posters which I have 'borrowed'.