Tuesday 29 April 2008

UniSam Space Science University.




BERNAMA reported that a local Malaysia private limited company, *Next Systems Sdn Bhd, and its un-named overseas partner planned to set up Space Science University of Malaysia (UniSam) costing RM6.1 billion, to be established on 2,500-acre site in Kota Tinggi, in the southernmost state of Peninsular Malaysia, Johor.

NOTE: *A search at the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) web site, did not produce any records for a company, or business, named "Next Systems Sdn. Bhd." HOW STRANGE!

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The university, to be called UniSam, would, according to the news report, be equipped with modern and international-standard space science laboratories, located within eight faculties:

1.Space Engineering and Aeronautics;

2.Mechanical Engineering;

3.Bioengineering encompassing Biomolecular Engineering and Medicine, Chemical and Biochemical Engineering;

4.Computer, Robotic and Software Engineering;

5.Electrical Engineering and Electronics; Geological, Atmospheric and Planetary Engineering;

6.Mathematical Engineering;



These faculties would house 29 research laboratories.

Among the technologies planned to be brought to UniSam were:

  • Fusion Reactor or Thermonuclear Reactor, [WOW!!!!!]
  • & a
  • Linear Collider, [WOW!!!!!]
  • Large Binocular Telescope-Neural Network Telescope,
  • High Performance Computing,
  • Supersonic Wind Tunnel and three-dimension simulation laboratory.

UniSam would evidently recruit renowned experts.

That’s for sure, it would have to; BUT,the question is, are there any spare ones shaking their legs somewhere, and are they willing to come to Malaysia?

Furthermore, who in their right mind wants to live and work in Kota Tinggi, and set up a second grade university which is doomed to failure

"If the proposal is accepted, Malaysia will emerge as the third country in the world to have a space science university after Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida, United States, and International Space University in Strasbourg, France," a company employee named as Noor Faizal Abdul Samad reportedly reportedly told BERNAMA recently.

Perhaps the professors from Florida and Strasbourg are underpaid, bored, fed up, and want to spend a paid vacation in Truly Asian Malaysia!

He said the setting up of a space science university in Malaysia was also aimed at bringing back the glory of Muslims in the field by drawing well-known Muslim space scientists like Prof Ahmed Zemail and Prof Ibrahim Semiz.

Can't find a Prof. Ahmed Zemail, but maybe it is this chap, [source Wikipedia:]

Ahmed Hassan Zewail (Arabic: أحمد حسن زويل) (born on 26th February 1946 in Damanhur, Egypt.

He is an Egyptian / American scientist, and was the winner of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1999, for his work on femtochemistry.

Femtochemistry is the science that studies chemical reactions on extremely short timescales, approximately 10–15 seconds (this is one femosecond, hence the name).

Zewail’s technique uses flashes of laser light that last for a few femtoseconds. Femtochemistry is the area of physical chemistry that addresses the short time period in which chemical reactions take place and investigates why some reactions occur but not others. Zewail’s picture-taking technique made possible these investigations. One of the first major discoveries of femtochemistry was to reveal details about the intermediate products that form during chemical reactions, which cannot be deduced from observing the starting and end products. Many publications have discussed the possibility of controlling chemical reactions by this method, but this remains controversial.

The simplest approach and still one of the most common techniques is known as pump-probe spectroscopy. In this method, two or more optical pulses with variable time delay between them are used to investigate the processes happening during a chemical reaction. The first pulse (pump) initiates the reaction, by breaking a bond or exciting one of the reactants. The second pulse (probe) is then used to interrogate the progress of the reaction a certain period of time after initiation. As the reaction progresses, the response of the reacting system to the probe pulse will change. By continually scanning the time delay between pump and probe pulses and observing the response, workers can follow the progress of the reaction in real time.

The other person mentioned above must be:

Ibrahim Semiz (Assistant Professor), Turkish
Advisor for 7th and 8th term students

Degrees received: University Department Year

BS Bogaziçi Univ. Physics 1986

Ph.D. Yale Univ. Physics 1992

Areas of interest Ongoing Projects

  • General Relativity and Gravitation
    • Black Holes
    • Cosmology
  • Mathematical Physics
  • The ÖSYM System
  • Algorithms for fast approximate solutions of the Steiner Problem

with Can Kiliç

  • An investigation of separability properties of the Klein-Gordon equation on the Schwarzschild metric

with Kaan Atak and Mustafa Eginligil

  • An investigation of some consequences of ÖSYM's formula for weighting high-school GPA's

with Engin Akca

Selected Publications "Black Hole as the ultimate energy source" Am.J.Phys. v63, 151 (1995)

As the technologies were expensive, UniSam planned to share the cost with others by renting them out, he said.

"All these will make Malaysia as a reference centre for space science studies," he said.

A university college was also planned for lower secondary students before they enrol into UniSam, he added.

A Joke?





If it has been the first of April it may have been a funny 'April Fool', but this must be nothing more than a really fanciful far fetched fantasy, or ‘get rich quick’ scheme.

Surely it cannot be a serious, viable commercial venture, can it?

There are too many questions, which certainly cannot be satisfactorily answered!

Perhaps some Middle Eastern personage, or company, must have too much money to spend and has been duped into thinking that this harebrained scheme will be a glorious project from the Islamic and financial aspects.

Who wants to wager that it will be a total failure?

Ad astra per alia porci

-To the stars on the wings of a pig


WY said...

money laundering through "loss investment". :)

indeed, i find the story absolutely ridiculous. but alas, malaysians are naive. remember that pakistan/iranian/middle eastern skeikh with billions of dollars and donated over a millino to the heart foundation for a new building or soemthing. wll, blah blah. we re hopeless.

mindful mariner said...

Thanks for the comments Rational Thinker.
Naive, gullible and feudal minded, that is what a lot of Malaysian seem to be.
It is not surprising that BN / UMNO use the "Bullshit baffles brains" theory so effectively.
Things are changing, but at too slow a pace, and many folks are still too 'tiada apa'!!!!
It's pathetic!!!!!

Donald G.H Tan said...

A Tapir dead on World's Tapir Day last Sunday!

Space University? UniSam's paid up capital with BILLION of Ringgit?
What Da bull!

I think we need to help others to 'wake up' Nevermind about our PM, he only wake up at the sound of "KaChing!" of the cash register!

Birds Talking

mindful mariner said...

Thanks for dropping by and making a thoughful comment Donaldghtan.

The only way the word 'space' is connected to UniSam, is in the phrase: "A waste of space!"

Our wildlife is declining, at present the rate of road kill, destruction of habitats, hunting, and other decremental things, our descendants will not be able to see animals in their natural habitats, how very very sad.