Saturday 19 April 2008

Selangor UMNO, Pig Farms and Hypocrites

Dr Karim Mansor [a Selangor UMNO leader] posing next to a pig-sty giving the 'Pigs are Us' thumbs-up in Germany

Photo courtesy of Malaysiakini
Source of photo which Malaysiakini said was released by the Selangor State Government:

See this article in the Star today, Saturday 19th April 2008

Since Dr. Karim Mansor seems to be a pig enthusiast, could this be his vehicle of choice?

and perhaps he will always elect fly with Porcine International Group (PIG) Airways..up, up and away!!!

If pigs could fly, I could I'd fly a pig, to foreign countries small and big.
With PIG Airways, you could!

Check out the blog entry at 'Seventh Rangers Mechanised' HERE
and also HERE at blog 'Pray for Malaysia,'
as well as HERE for an article in the Sun,
for more details.

Cui bono?

- For whose benefit is it?

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