Sunday 6 April 2008

Sunbeds, A Ship Captain and Sun Worshippers


A Ship Captain

& Sun Worshippers

A British cruise ship captain and his wife were criticised recently after passengers who reserved sun loungers were berated for their "Germanic behaviour".

Captain Wells, 52, Master of the 77,000-ton passenger ship 'Oceana', caused more than a little controversy when he used the ship's PA system to ask passengers not to reserve sun loungers which they were not using.


The captain, whose wife, Hedda, is German, is reported to have announced: "We don't want that kind of Germanic behaviour here!"

Captain Wells is understood to have apologised to Germans on board his ship during a 15-day P&O Caribbean cruise, now he faces an inquiry by the Equality and Human Rights Commission over whether his remarks were racist. More ridiculous over the top, far end of a fart, political correctness.

The row began a few days into the cruise, when some of the more than 2,000 passengers on board the ship complained about sun beds in prime spots being "reserved" with towels, novels and bags.

One female passenger said the crew had tried unsuccessfully to put a stop to the "bed bagging". "There were enough loungers for everyone, provided they were not reserved when not in use."

The complaints came to the attention of the Captain and he tried to defuse the situation by allowing other passengers to commandeer sunbeds that had remained vacant for 20 minutes.

This caused even more mayhem, as 'happy holiday makers' hovered over vacant sun beds with stopwatches, as though they were conducting time and motion studies, counting down the “20 minutes”, this then led to heated arguments and people nearly coming to blows, it was what may have turned in to 'The War of the Sun Beds'

Finally, Captain Wells used the ship's PA system to make his controversial announcement.

A spokesman for P&O said: "Captain Wells apologises unreservedly for any offence caused."

It was not reported what Captain Wells really said, but perhaps it was something like;

'If you don't like it, then bloody well lump it!'

Cruise lines have many ways of making their passengers happy and contented, they can do it well enough without outside interference!

Good for you Captain Wells, mutinies by passengers need to be dealt with firmly and any incidents must be nipped in the bud.

To hell with the Equality and Human Rights Commission, you acted correctly Captain.

Sail onwards, may the wind always be fair and at your back.

Navigare necesse est

- To sail is necessary

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