Tuesday 8 April 2008

Singaporean bike enthusiast dies in Malaysian North-South Highway crash

A swimming instructor was killed on the spot, close to area where family was killed last month.

A motorcycling enthusiast from Singapore, with more than 20 years' motor cycle riding experience died in an accident on Malaysia's North- South Highway at about midnight on Friday 4th April 2008.

His bike collided with a car just before the exit to Pagoh, not far from where an entire family, except a three-month-old baby, was wiped out less than two weeks ago.

Mr Kason Ong Beng Kian, 42, a freelance swimming instructor, left Singapore at about 22:00 with two biker friends, who were on their own machines.

He was heading to the racing circuit in Sepang, Selangor on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur - a trip he makes once every month.

One of Ong's two friends, suffered abrasions and a slight concussion when his bike skidded, the other was unhurt, he reportedly told Mr Ong's family a car had hit a stationary lorry and ricocheted in Mr Ong's direction.

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