Friday 4 April 2008

Muslim jokes 'scare' the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) - Ben Elton

What's up with today’s world?

Everyone is so sensitive, so over the top politically correct (PC), so shit scared about offending Muslims, and anyone for that matter, what a load of crap, there have been jokes about religions, ethnic groups, gender, minorities and what have you for aeons, so who all the fuss now?

So long as it is all in fun and there is no malice, or ill intent, then what is wrong with it.

Check out the BBC article on the subject HERE.

Comedian and writer Ben Elton said people have 'no right not to be offended', and I totally agree with him.

Say NO to narrow mindedness and bigotry,

Sat YES to tolerance and understanding.

Di meliora

-Heaven send us better times

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